QES was founded in Oct 1991. We specialize in manufacturing, distribution and provision of engineering services for inspection, test, measuring, analytical and automated handling equipment. QES Group of companies has since grown into a leading integrated solution provider with manufacturing capability.

The Group has 2 core business division:
  • Distribution Division
  • Manufacturing Division


QES is the leading integrated solution provider specialized in distribution and service of precision equipment, material and engineering. We have design and manufacturing capability on inspection and automated handling equipment. We always work towards long-term profitability and sustainable growth by:



Distribution Division

Over the course of 30 years, we have diversified from distributing metrology products into the distribution of scientific-analytical instruments and material business of semiconductor test & assembly. We have established strong partnerships with suppliers and distributors from all over the world to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.
Distribution Div | Analytical Instruments | QES

Analytical Instruments


Inspection, Test & Measurement

Material & Engineering Solutions | QES

Material & Engineering Solutions

Semiconductor Production Equipment | QES

Semiconductor Production Equipment

Manufacturing Division

We specialize in the assembly and testing of high-precision motion-controlled equipment that integrates with various types of inspection and measurement sensors. All mechanical assembly, electrical panel and wire harnesses are carried out with a right tools and gauges to ensure its design accuracy and performances. A made to order system with established supply chain locally has been widely practice to minimize inventory cost and expected delivery schedule. We developed and maintained local assembly house to support the sudden increase in demand and be more focus in our own field of expertise.  We also engage in OEM and ODM of equipment having high mix and low volume to provide customers with cost down merits through effective localization and supply chains.
Semiconductor Automated Handling Equipment | QES

Semiconductor Automated Handling Equipment

Semiconductor Inspection & Measurment Equipment