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EA3000 Series
CHNS-O Elemental Analyser

Key Features
  • Rapid. EA3000 is a rapid CHNS-O Analyser delivering the highest levels of speed and performance yet  
  • 4 Elements (CHNS) analysed in 5 minutes.
  • Built-in leak detection, wake up routine, flow rate monitoring, quick and safe change of exhausted reactor, unlimited methods storage of pre-set parameters, are a few of the new outstanding features.
  • Simple. Instrument operation is truly intuitive for the first time through the use of Callidus SW, allowing full automation and manual override at the instrument keypad. Callidus sets all analytical parameter, integrates and data according to GLP, prompting for routine maintenance.
  • Flexible. The same basic instrument can be configured for all current and emerging new applications. EA3000 delivers maximum flexibility through modularity and .
  • Cost effective. EA3000, with new long life catalysts designed for pressurised oxygen injection, is cost effective to operate with unprecedented reliability and minimum downtime.
  • Gas saving routine with zero gas flow in stand-by and intelligent catalyst protection are included.

  • Biomass, Paper Mill Residues, Biofuels, Wastes
  • Soils, Sediments, Rocks
  • Plants, Branches, Leaves, Roots, Vegetables
  • Food, Feed, Forage, Oil Seeds, Cereals and Milled Products
  • Coal, Coke, Peat
  • Petroleum & Lubricants
  • Organics, Synthetic Compounds, Polymers, Textiles, Pharma, Fertilizers
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