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Heat Flux Sensors

The MF-180 has a high sensitivity in spite of the small size. It is suitable for measuring a small heat flow generating a detectable output. For system designers and research engineers, it is a convenient detector to validate the physical of simulated heat transfer models. For the evaluation of:

  • Efficiency of heat insulation
  • Water retention and thermal insulation
  • Thermal loss in air conditioners and pipes Heat flow at the side walls of refrigerators and freezers
  • Heat insulation and water retention after retaining construction
  • Thermal resistance of insulating materials in accordance with ASTM C-58
  • Thermal loss of insulating walls such as CHB and GHB
  • Cold retention rate and comparison/observation of cold-retaining materials used for LNG tanks
  • Heat flow rates in housing
  • Conformable rate of building materials for both walls and flooring
The MP-190 is a large area (310 x 310mm) flexible thin foil heat flow sensor. It can be easily rolled on a curved surface and attached to large surface areas. Due to its sizes, it gives properly averaged thermal conductivity results for large areas without the potential risk of measuring local hot spot effects or thermal bridges.    
For the measurement of:
  • Evaluation of floor heating Research on heating efficiency of various lamps and other light sources
  • Investigation of the heating efficiency of drying machines, heating systems, etc.
  • Measurement of heating and heating absorption of various parts of an automobile
  • Research of heating of various plants
The low output Voltage of the heat flow sensor can be easily converted to a 4-20mA current or higher Voltage using the MS-4.20mA converter. The / converter can be pre-programmed and optimised within the operating range compatible with common measurement equipment.   .
Key Features
  • Thermal resistance (m2・°C/W) 1.4 x 10-2 - 3.04 x 10-3
  • Operating Temperature range (°C) (-20°C ~ +120°C) - (-30°C ~ +120°C)
  • Sensitivity (mV/W/m2) at 20°C : 0.025 - 0.20
  • Impedance (Ω) Approx. 150 ~ 550 - 600 ~ 900

Specs & Applications
  • Heat flow in soil
  • Heat insulation rate in to the quality of the soil or existence of vegetation
  • Analysis of phenomena in greenhouses
  • Road freezing and soil freezing tests
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