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The Group is not overly dependent on one or two customers. Our customers are spread out to various industries such as Semiconductor, Electrical & Electronics, Automotive & Metal, Higher Education Institutions, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Environment, Renewable Energy and many more



Our distribution division provides a wide range of inspection, test & measurement equipment to cater to your metrology needs. We also provide a wide range of products from semiconductor materials and production equipment. Some of the products include: sample preparation, 3D scanning metrology, 3D Surface profiler, adhesive, bonding, scratch & solder wettability tester, industrial microscopes and many more.

Our manufacturing division specializes in the assembly and testing of high-precision motion-controlled equipment that integrates with various types of inspection and measurement sensors. These included automated optical inspection system, automated wafer handling system, advanced metrology system and semi-automated optical inspection system.

All mechanical assembly, electrical panel and wire harnesses are carried out with the right tools and gauges to ensure its design accuracy and performance. A made-to-order system with an established supply chain locally has been widely practice to minimize inventory cost and expected delivery schedule. 

Perceived quality can make or break consumer electronic brands, with the look, touch, and feel of a device exerting huge influence over final buying decisions. At the same time, both industrial and consumer customers expect products to deliver ever-higher levels of speed and functionality. They also seek products that can resist wear, tear, stress and damage, whether it’s a question of being dropped from a height or being exposed to temperature extremes or humidity.

Whether our customers in the electronics sector are manufacturing next-generation smartphones, 5G networking equipment, microelectronic components, white goods, automotive and avionics systems, or industrial robots, we provide inspection, test & measurement solutions to help them excel in design, quality, cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Electrical & Electronics

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From the progressive assembly line to lean manufacturing principles, the automotive industry has always led the way in manufacturing technology. As the industry faces ever-reducing design-to-production times, automotive manufacturers and suppliers have embraced industrial metrology and 3D measurement as enablers of productivity.

Recent trends include the move from off-line quality inspection to near-line or in-line measurement techniques, enabling higher sampling rates and faster inspection times.

While coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspection is a fixture of the powertrain and automotive component manufacturing process, portable measurement systems like 3D laser scanner and coordinate measuring arms are taking accuracy and precision to all areas of vehicle plants.

We provide a comprehensive list of products that can meet your metallurgy need. From icp-oes, arc-spark analysers, handheld xrf analysers and many more. Our range of products can help metal manufacturers identify the quality of the components they are creating, verify the composition of raw materials used, verify the types of alloys to be used and many more. Furthermore, our products can also used in the area of mining, geology, analysing precious jewelry, scrap recycling and ndt/pmi. Fast, accurate


Higher Education

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We offer a comprehensive product range for the quantification and identification of trace elemental analysis for rapid, efficient qualitative and quantitative analysis. We also provide a wide range of lab-based and handheld instruments employing analytical techniques including XRF, EDXRFTXRF, WDXRF, Raman spectroscopy, ICP-OES,  and more. Research and analytical laboratories from higher educations and governmental institutions come to us from process and quality control in the lab and on the line to instant, actionable data in the field, we enable more confident analysis and better decision making.

Our products are capable of evaluating machine and lubricant conditions in the field, in the lab and in highly mobile, handheld applications. From upstream petroleum exploration, drilling and transportation to midstream and downstream refining of oils and fuels to distribution, use and recycling, our solutions contribute to your bottom line. As challenging market conditions are a new reality, we understand you need to reduce cost and improve profitability, while extending lifetime and maximizing uptime.

We provide a comprehensive range of products in relation to oil, fuel, and fluid analysis instruments to Power Generation, Mining, Oil and Gas Exploration, Transportation and Industrial. 


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Pharmaceutical medicine is concerned with the medical aspects of research, development, evaluation, registration, monitoring, and marketing of medicines in the interests of patients. The pharmaceutical industry strives to develop and manufacture high-quality new medicines with excellent efficacy and safety profiles.

Our product from Katanax uses the Fusion technique to prepare inorganic samples, with a view to analyse them by x-ray fluorescence (XRF), inductively coupled plasma (ICP), atomic absorption (AA) or any traditional wet chemistry method.

Around the world, environmental threats continue to evolve, and compliance standards and regulations along with them. Our portfolio of environmental analysis technologies is designed to meet not just today’s requirements, but tomorrow’s as well, providing reliable, accurate and precise results that can make compliance simpler and help minimize regulatory risks.

Our range of products can meet your industry needs in relation to using different chromatography, mass spectrometry, particulate monitoring, gas monitoring and sample preparation systems that can detect and quantify contaminants, including inorganic ions, heavy metals, microplastics, pesticides, persistent organic pollutants (POPs), hormones and pharmaceutical products in air, drinking water, wastewater, soils, sewage sludge (biosolids), and composts.


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Renewable Energy

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Solar radiation is not only the driving force behind the Earth’s weather phenomena, it also drives photovoltaic energy production. One day of solar energy received by the Earth exceeds the amount of worldwide energy consumption per year. Exploring this merely inexhaustible source of energy – either by direct transformation of radiant energy into electricity or by indirect energy production via wind, waves, etc. – seems to be the obvious way to go.

In this context, solar radiation measurements are of primary interest for applications like site-specific solar resource assessments, PV performance evaluation, solar resource forecasting, and so on. However, as with most real-world measurement systems, the difficulties are in the details. Reliable and accurate radiation measurements need some knowledge and attention: think of environmental influences (wind, rain/snow, soling), re-calibration (bi-annually), not to mention data processing, spectral effects, etc.

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