ATLINELAB: Standard Automation For The Cement Industry

The state-of-the-art solution for fully automatic sampling, preparation and analysis of powder samples for the cement industry

Application: Fully automatic sampling, preparation and analysis of powder samples for the cement industry in short time intervals for quality control of raw meal and cement

Materials: non-metallic, powdered samples


With the AtLine Lab, HERZOG offers an optimal solution for the automated sampling, preparation and analysis of powder samples for users who focus on a cost-effective automation in combination with a fast response time. Since the Atline Lab is placed directly in the factory and not in a central laboratory, all steps associated with sample transport, such as the operation of a pneumatic tube, are omitted.

Compact unit for sampling and preparation
The Atline Lab has a mixer in which the material conveyed by the sampling (e.g. a screw or channel sampler) is collected. A homogeneous average sample is created in the mixer from a freely selectable time interval. After the sample has been homogenized, volumetric dosing takes place for the subsequent sample preparation in the HP-MP.
This automated mill / press grinds the sample to the fineness required for the X-ray fluorescence analysis and then presses the ground material into a steel ring. This fast and coordinated procedure from sampling to analysis enables up to seven analyzes per hour.

Configurable for all areas of application
The Atline Lab was specially developed for the cement industry and can be used for the analysis of raw meal and cement. The HP-MP can be individually programmed using a large number of controllable parameters. Thanks to the 100 cm³ grinding vessel, short grinding times and thus a high sample throughput can be achieved even with raw meal that is difficult to grind. In contrast, by choosing a low speed in combination with a short grinding time, cement can also be ground gently so that minerals that react to mechanical stress with a loss of crystalline order (e.g. gypsum) can still be analyzed without errors using X-ray diffractometry can.

Smooth operation and easy maintenance
Due to the small footprint, the AtLine Lab can also be found in cramped factories. The accessibility of the HP-MP and the analysis device is possible due to the optimized use of space in the cabin. The side walls of the cabin can be removed from all sides, so that installation or major maintenance work can be carried out without difficulty. The Atline Lab is designed to keep dust levels inside the cabin as low as possible. At the same time, an air conditioning system ensures optimal temperature conditions for sample preparation and analysis. Since the AtLine laboratory is fully automated, no personnel need to be present at the laboratory container; only routine maintenance work and checks should be carried out.
In combination with the newly developed PrepMaster Analytics, the data from the AtLine laboratory can be viewed in the central laboratory or control room and used to control the mixing control. This can optionally also be automatically taken over by the PrepMaster.

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