CMM Laser Radar – XC65Dx


  • The Ultimate 3-In-1 Cross Scanner For 3D Feature Inspection
  • Faster Inspection By Eliminating Scanner Re-Orientation
  • Unique Laser Intensity Adaptation
  • Easy Macro-Based Programming
  • Seamless Retrofit With Most Leading CMM Brands


XC65Dx Laser Scanner – The ultimate 3-in-1 Cross Scanner for 3D Feature Inspection

Thanks to its patented, triple-laser configuration, the XC65Dx cross scanner captures comprehensive information about complex 3D geometric features and freeform surfaces in a single scan. It can be seamlessly retrofitted to most leading makes of coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Productivity is greatly improved by reducing time spent on programming scan paths, as well as by cutting actual measurement time. Non-contact inspection by laser scanning is perfectly suited to quality control when dealing with soft and fragile surfaces that cannot be measured by tactile inspection.

The XC65Dx-LS scanner variant of the XC65Dx offers a longer stand-off distance which offers distinct advantages. By capturing geometry up to a distance of 170mm (7.1”), the scanner gains optimum access to difficult-to-reach features on body-in-white, for example, or is able to scan over clamps that hold components in position. For these reasons, the XC65Dx-LS scanner is frequently used on horizontal-arm CMMs in the automotive industry.

From inspecting an individual part such as a car door to a fully assembled vehicle, the XC65Dx is the ideal CMM scanner for fast, precise measurement of geometric features and complex freeform surfaces. Part programming is easy and the three-laser configuration enables all details of the part to be captured efficiently and accurately. The user quickly gains more insight regarding the dimensional quality of the parts.

Faster inspection by eliminating scanner re-orientation – Offering patented multi-laser capability, the XC65Dx or ‘Cross Scanner’ captures all 3D details of geometrical features and complex surfaces in a single scan pass. With laser beams being projected from 3 sides, the XC65Dx provides maximum coverage so that there is no need to take multiple scans using different scanner orientations. This avoids repeated, time-consuming re-orientations of the probe head, saving significant teaching effort and scanning execution time.

Unique laser intensity adaptation – To effectively scan different surfaces with varying color or high reflectivity, the XC65Dx laser scanner uses Nikon Metrology’s third-generation Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP3). The proprietary technology not only provides automatic, real-time adjustment of sensor settings between successive laser stripes, but also for each individual point along the laser stripe. As a result, users can scan a large variety of materials without the need for time-consuming tuning of the scanner parameters or special preparation of the parts.

Easy macro-based programming – The unique, three-laser concept not only speeds operation but also reduces the time spent on preparing for measurement. As geometric features or freeform surfaces can be captured in a single pass instead of multiple scans, programming of the scan paths is drastically simplified. Whereas preparing measurement plans for traditional metrology tools can consume valuable operator and CMM time, this can be done in a fraction of the time with the XC65Dx scanner.

Seamless retrofit with most leading CMM brands – Nikon Metrology XC65Dx (LS) scanners can be retrofitted on a wide range of CMM brands to boost inspection productivity of existing CMM installations.

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