CNC Video Measuring Machine – iNEXIV VMA-4540


  • A High-speed, high-accuracy video measurement system provides greater XYZ volume of measurement together with an exceptionally wide field of view


The VMA4540V/4540 CNC video measuring metrology system provides a larger XYZ volume of measurement together with a remarkably wide field of view. The touch-probe-ready VMA-4540 is ideal for a wide variety of industrial measuring applications for both vision only and touch probe measuring procedures.

The VMA-4540V/4540 is designed to provide high-speed, high-accuracy measurement data from a variety of workpieces. The extremely wide field of view enables easy confirmation of the measurement areas and provides unparalleled ease of operation. The system hosts a broader XYZ measurement range over the VMA-2520 model, together with a longer working distance than ever before, the VMA-4540 provides ultimate versatility for measurement of both large and tall mechanical component parts and uneven surfaces.

Wide FOV (Field-of-View) – The exceptionally wide FOV of up to 13 mm x 10 mm (at 0.35x) allows easy and rapid search and alignment of the measuring targets. Nikon’s epic 10x zoom optics featuring five specific steps allows precise and accurate measurement as well as high-resolution images. The excellent Apochromat objective lens with high Numerical Aperture  (0.11) and low distortion has been specially designed for the iNEXIV series, providing dimensionally correct and clear images.

Robust 73.5 mm working distance – The long 73.5 mm working distance minimizes the possibility of contact between the objective lens and valuable parts. This working distance is ideal for measuring large step heights, tall bosses, deep holes and surface mount components.

Large measuring range of 450 mm (X) x 400 mm (Y) x 200 mm (Z) – The large 450 mm x 400 mm XY stroke supports measurements of large samples and mass inspections of multiple parts all at once. The extended 200 mm Z-axis stroke makes the system perfect for measuring tall workpieces.

Fast and accurate vision AF (Auto Focus) – The VMA-4540V/4540 series is equipped with highly repeatable vision AF which offers high-speed, high-precision focusing for effective height and depth measurements.

Laser Auto Focus (option) – The Laser AF with a long 63 mm working distance is optionally available. This feature enables height measurement of flat surfaces with high-speed and repeatability, in keeping a wide Field-of-View at low magnification.

Versatile illumination methods – The VMA-4540V/4540 is equipped with episcopic (top), diascopic (bottom) and an 8-segment ring (with 18-degree oblique angle) LED illuminators. Combining these illuminators with Nikon’s superior optics provides additional accurate detection of low contrast edges.

Intelligent search – Even when a workpiece is misaligned, the video measuring system automatically searches for the correct target location and orientation based on the target image recorded in a teaching file as a base for pattern recognition. This in turn enables the most rapid, accurate and automatic measurements.  Thus eliminating possible detection errors and time delays needing to orient the part.

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