CNC Video Measuring Machine – iNEXIV VMA-6555


  • High-speed & highly accurate video measurement – utilizing the largest stage and measuring volume in the iNEXIV range


The iNEXIV VMA-6555 series CNC video measuring system provides the largest iNEXIV XYZ volume of measurement stroke together with an exceptionally wide field of view. The touch-probe-ready model is ideal for a wide variety of industrial measuring applications for both vision only and touch probe measuring procedures.

Suitable for very large samples up to (650 x 550 x 200 mm ) and simultaneous consecutive measurement of multiple parts loaded at the same time. The excellent cost-performance ratio is possible due to the iNEXIV’s standard strong cast-iron body with direct bearing. The VMA-6555V is for video measuring alone, whilst the VMA-6555 is prepared as a touch-probe ready system.

The iNEXIV VMA-6555 series is ideal for non-contact measuring and surface inspection of deformable items such as;

  • Component dimension checking to plan, Surface analysis, Surface examination, non-contact measuring of soft deformable structures e.g. o rings, medical devices and contact lenses.
  • Plastic component manufacturing, metal component manufacturing, soft and thin materials
  • Orthopedic and dental implants/prosthetics, mobile phone components, shavers and watches
  • Micro-electronics and optoelectronics
  • Telecom and electronics, antennae, waveguides and delicate devices

Nikon’s epic 10x zoom optics – Nikon’s epic 10x zoom optics featuring five specific steps allows precise and accurate measurement as well as high-resolution images. An Apochromat objective lens with a high Numerical Aperture (0.11) and low distortion has been specially designed for the iNEXIV series, providing dimensionally correct and clear images. In addition, a wide field-of-view of up to 13mm x 10mm (at 0.35x) allows easy and rapid search and alignment of the measuring targets.

Each model can be modified before shipment to extend magnification to 1.5x, powerful enough for the most precise measurement of miniature parts.

Robust 73.5 mm working distance – The long 73.5 mm working distance minimizes the possibility of contact between the objective lens and valuable parts. This working distance is ideal for measuring large step heights, tall bosses, deep holes and surface mount components.

Large XY stroke and long Z stroke – The XY stroke of the VMA-6555 is 650 x 550 mm and is suitable for the measurement of large samples and simultaneous measurement of multiple parts. The extended 200 mm Z-axis stroke is ideal for tall workpieces.

High-speed, high-accuracy Laser Auto Focus (optional) – In addition to the standard Vision Auto Focus, an optional high-speed Laser Auto Focus with a long 63mm working distance is also available. Which provides even faster focusing and Z-axis measurements regardless of the surface or shape of your workpiece.

Touch probing measurement (optional) – The iNEXIV VMA-6555 accepts the Renishaw TP20 or TP200 Touch Probe systems, making surface and side coordinate measurement of complicated 3D parts possible, in areas where vision sensing hardware could not be used. Users can then take full advantage of the multi-sensor capability when installing the optional CMM-Manager onto their iNEXIV system. The main features of this software is the collision-free CAD-based path definition, virtual path simulation and accurate feature measurement for both tactile and vision probing.

Intelligent Search Patterns and Pattern Recognition – Even when a workpiece is misaligned Nikon’s Pattern Recognition automatically searches for the correct target location and orientation based on the image recorded in the teaching file. The system facilitates rapid, accurate and automatic measurement by eliminating possible detection errors and time delays introduced by needing to orientate the target accurately.

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