Facility Total Solutions

Specialized total solution to solve clogging problems of Fore-Line and Exhaust Line, which are formed in the process of semiconductor and FPD production by providing PMS (Powder Moving System), EPD (Exhaust Pressure Detector), H/J (Heat Jacket), triple piping, etc. To measure the degree of deposited powder in exhaust line, to maximize the efficiency of the production facility environment of our customers through enhancing cost-competitiveness and quality control.



Prevents powder coalescence by shooting out nitrogen gas.
PMS can solve clogging issue when byproducts are formed during the semiconductor and FPD process by shooting out hot N2 into exhaust lines.


Real-time monitoring of exhaust pressure about the phenomenon of exhaust line clogging
EPD system can monitor clogging issues in pipe lines and predict PM. In addition, it can prevent and pre-sense physical losses,
such as Gas leakages, Vacuum pump trip (occurrence of wafer accident and repair cost), etc.


Simplified and optimized complex exhaust lines with interlock designed triple piping structure.
Induces regular fluid flow by heating the pipe itself and prevents sedimentation of corrosive oxides by focusing thermal energy into the pipe


Minimize impurities being piled by maintaining the target temperature of all exhaust lines with special fiber material. 
Without installing any additional devices, solve the problem of getting compressive impurities in Chamber, Fore Line, Exhaust Line during the process of semiconductor by heating the vacuum line with H/J.

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