Combo 3D Scanning – ModelMaker H120 & MCAx S


  • Class-leading handheld scanning
  • Measure any material
  • System stability and portability
  • Wireless scanning
  • ISO certification of system scanning performance
  • Software integrations


ModelMaker H120 & MCAx S form a precision metrology system offering portable manual measurement results at unprecedented levels of accuracy, detail and speed.

With more than 25 years of cutting-edge evolution and development, Nikon Metrology’s portable scanning solutions have led the path to solve many of measurement’s most challenging tasks. The combination of the industry-leading ModelMaker H120 laser scanner, with the MCAx S articulated arm gives users a greater insight to improve quality, accelerate time-to-market, and streamline manufacturing processes. It guarantees unprecedented levels of detail and precision for a portable shop floor solution, regardless of user experience.

Precision and user confidence is confirmed by system scanning and arm probing accuracy certifications to the comprehensive ISO 10360-8 Annex D and ISO 10360-12 standards meeting modern industry expectations. The MCAx S arm further enhances the user experience by adding the ability to scan truly cable-free, through high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power with absolutely no reduction in productivity.

Paired with the ModelMaker H120’s proven capabilities to measure challenging materials with exceptional detail at high speed, the MCAx S arm strengthens Nikon Metrology’s solution, enabling greater mobility to investigate production quality in all industrial applications.

ModelMaker H120 & MCAx S form a precision metrology system offering portable manual measurement results at unprecedented levels of accuracy, detail and speed.

Class-leading handheld scanning – Seamless high-performance inspection is realized through the class-leading capabilities of the ModelMaker H120 scanner to measure small details with high accuracy on large parts in a short timeframe. The accuracy, ease-of-use and flexibility of the 7-axis MCAx S arm deliver precise probing in parallel to scanning.

  • Measure sharp edges and tiny details
  • Inspect large surface areas with speed
  • Freeform or geometric surfaces
  • Scan around and even inside large complex shapes

Measure any material – Nikon’s innovative and proven dynamic laser power control allows for almost any combination of materials to be scanned together without expert user knowledge. Paired with the MCAx S arm’s ability to have a scanner and probe available simultaneously, a tactile inspection of hidden details is possible.

  • Patented ESP4 real-time laser optimization for every point
  • Scan matte, reflective, black, near-transparent and multi-colored surfaces at the same time
  • No productivity reduction for difficult materials
  • Scan soft touch or coated parts that could deform or be damaged by a touch probe
  • The tactile probe enables measurements of transparent materials or into deep recesses and confined areas

System stability and portability – The versatility of the system allows for use in any environment. With quick connection to a variety of mountings, users can define exactly where and for what application the system is used. Taking the system to the part or production line saves valuable time and organization, allowing users to get the results they need quickly.

  • Use in any industrial environment
  • Thermally stabilized with zero warm uptime
  • Easy transportation in a single flight case and simple set-up
  • Measure parts ranging from millimeters to metres
  • Choice of tripods, bases and stands

Wireless scanning – High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power augment the total system with even greater levels of portability and ease of set-up. Scanning performance with ModelMaker H120 has exactly the same levels of accuracy, speed and quality regardless of using a cable or benefitting from the flexibility of full wireless operation.

ISO certification of system scanning performance – To provide total confidence in the solution, every delivered combination of ModelMaker H120 and MCAx S arm receives a system certification of the scanning performance according to ISO 10360-8:2013 Annex D.

This Articulated location error (LDIA) test defines the repeatability of the system (arm with optical sensor) measuring a calibrated sphere from different arm articulations and different orthogonal scan vectors in various locations in the arm volume.

The MCAx S arm also receives comprehensive certification of the probing performance to the ISO 10360-12:2016 standard.

Software integrations – Time for measurement, analysis and design is compressed through rapid diagnosis of development and production issues, enabling the completion of new products faster and with greater confidence while also meeting the highest quality standards.

Seamless integration and workflow with the major industry-accepted point cloud inspection and reverse engineering application software of your choice.

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