Portable Arm 3D Scanning – MCAx S


  • Ultra-fast high-definition 3D scanning
  • Uncompromising performance
  • Measure the most challenging materials
  • Low noise data and very fine details
  • Increased feature measurement precision
  • Start measuring immediately
  • Enhanced user experience


MCAx S is a 7-axis articulated arm portable CMM able to accurately measure parts with ease using touch probes or the ModelMaker H120 non-contact 3D scanner.

MCAx S is a precise, reliable and easy-to-use 7-axis portable articulated coordinate measuring arm able to measure around and even inside large parts without constraints. It is the perfect partner for the industry leading ModelMaker H120 laser scanner and has seamless integrations to a variety of industry accepted metrology software suites.

The arm’s accuracy, capability and portability make it an optimal measurement companion in the metrology lab, on the shop floor or in the field.

Ranging in size from 2.0 to 4.5 m and with three performance levels to suit all budgets or application accuracy, it is compatible with tripods and other bases allowing freedom to select the right mounting for the task in hand. Infinite rotation and 7-axis freedom of movement give unrestricted reach in and around parts. Thermal stability and advanced encoder technology eliminate warm-up, reducing setup and inspection time.

The MCAx S offers true multi-probing. Alongside the scanner, tactile probes can be used in parallel to measure geometric features or hard-to-reach areas. Advances such as automatic intelligent pre-selection of scanner or probe depending on the type of measurement enhance ease-of-use for full remote operation of the solution.

MCAx S is a 7-axis articulated arm portable CMM able to accurately measure parts with ease, using touch probes or the ModelMaker H120 non-contact 3D scanner.

The MCAx S arms range in size from 2.0 to 4.5 m and three performance levels for user choice of the optimal system configuration.

Each arm comes with a Control Pack for fast and reliable single cable connectivity and AC power as well as a base plate for users to mount the system to a table.

To enhance the portability of the system, users can specify the Wireless Control Pack, providing 4 hours of autonomous scanning from a Wi-Fi connection and dual battery power. Users are free to select additional mounts such as tripods or magnetics bases to further optimize the solution for their application.

Intelligent multi-probing – With the scanner positioned away from the probe, tactile accessibility and the ability to reach tight spaces is optimal.

Automatic pre-selection and switching between scanner and probe enhance productivity. The ergonomic handgrip, user-configurable multi-functional buttons and repeatable, auto-recognized scanner and probe mounting provide comfortable and easy operation.

The integrated OLED wrist screen gives status updates close to the point of measurement and can remotely invoke useful tools such as accuracy verifications.

A large range of straight and angled probes as well as touch-trigger probes is available for tactile versatility, complementing the standard three probes included with every system.

ISO 10360-12 certification – Every MCAx S arm supplied with a comprehensive certification to the ISO 10360-12:2016 standard, giving a clear understanding of the overall tactile probing performance to meet modern industry expectations.

  • Length measurement error, unidirectional (EUNI)
  • Probing form error, tactile (PFORM)
  • Probing size error, tactile (PSIZE)
  • Articulated location error, tactile (LDIA)
  • The scanning system performance of the arm with the ModelMaker H120 laser scanner is certified to the ISO 10360-8 Annex D standard.
  • Articulated location error, optical (LDIA)

Precision measurements, immediately – Productivity is paramount and accurate measurements are available immediately after set-up, either tactile or using the temperature compensated ModelMaker H120 laser scanner.

System warm-up is unnecessary thanks to the negligible thermal expansion properties and stiffness of high-tech carbon fibre materials along with the rigid structural design offering temperature stability and long-term mechanical strength.

Probe and scanner mounting is repeatable and each specific probe’s calibration parameters are automatically used so no time is wasted.

To save time, absolute encoders remove the need to reference every axis and simple plug and play connectivity means there is no need to reconfigure default PC Ethernet or Wi-Fi network settings.

Designed for safe and stress-free handling – The MCAx S arm features many design elements improving accuracy, ease-of-use and safety such as rotating grips and secure locking.

  • S++ and S+ model users benefit from reduced inertia thanks to low resistance rotating grips.
  • Integrated counterbalance for lightweight freedom of movement and minimal user fatigue.
  • Secure locking of the arm for reassurance during repositioning between measurements.
  • Optimized wrist docking for a safe but ready-to-measure position protects the scanner and probe.
  • For total clarity of measurement activity and system status in any environment, the MCAx S provides easy to interpret visual, audio and haptic indications:
  • Bluetooth® connectivity for external speakers or headphones to enhance the volume of the already comprehensive range of built-in acoustic prompts.
  • Simple multi-coloured visual pictograms on the arm base display connectivity and power status.
  • Haptic feedback indicates the approach of a joint hard stop.
  • Large, easy to read on-screen messaging.
  • The integrated wrist screen enables users to monitor status without looking away and can remotely invoke probe calibration and accuracy checking without touching the PC.

Wireless scanning – With the optional Wireless Control Pack, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and dual hot-swappable batteries augment the system with true cable-free usage. Scan wirelessly for up to 4 hours using the ModelMaker H120 with no reduction in data speed or quality.

For demanding applications requiring total wireless operation over extended periods, additional batteries and external battery charging capability is available.

Standard Control Pack connectivity included with every system gives robust single cable Ethernet Gigabit data transfer and AC power.

Mobile convenience – Incorporating all the essential hardware elements needed for table set up, measurement and accuracy verification, the precision-cut foam inside the shock-proof wheeled flight case gives optimal protection to both the ModelMaker H120 scanner and MCAx S arm.
A fitted dust cover, supplied with every system, protects and keeps the solution clean when not in use.

Mounting versatility – The integrated 3.5 in x 8 adapter gives freedom to choose exactly the right mounting for the application, providing secure installation within seconds:

  • Bolt-down, magnetic or vacuum bases for table-top mounting
  • Heavy-duty mobile or fixed stands for shop floor mounting
  • Portable tripods for measurement on different sites

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