Semi-Automatic Milling Machine: HPF

The HPF is the automatic preparation machine for producing plane and reproducible surfaces in steel samples

Milling of steel, pig iron samples for OES, XRF, combustion analysis and other analytical procedures


Automatic procedure
Milling depth, feed rate, and spindle speed can be preselected. The milling depth is repeated without renewed setting, even on samples of different height. When the sample has been inserted into the clamping device and the machine started, the operation cycle is accomplished automatically.  

High quality, fast processing
The sturdy design and high drive rating of the machine permit spindle speeds and feed rates right up to the load limits of the reversible carbide tips. This means that the machining times can be kept extremely short. Two opposed hydraulic cylinders advance the milling spindle towards the sample at rapid traverse speed, returning to its starting position at rapid traverse speed when machining has been completed.  

Reproducible samples surfaces for analysis
Top-quality sample surfaces are obtained as a result of the milling spindle speed and miller feed rate. The exact automatic repetition of the preset milling conditions for all samples guarantees excellent reproducibility of the sample surface.  

Safe operation
The machine is completely enclosed and requires only a minimum of operation and maintenance. The milling process can be observed through the window in the machine cover. When the cover is opened, a safety switch automatically de-energizes the machine. The cover can be opened on both sides of the machine column, meaning that the tips are easily removed.

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