The High-Performance, High-Value ICP-OES for Routine Elemental Analysis

  • Dual Side-On Interface with up to factor 2 improved sensitivity: no second measurement, reduced matrix effects, improved accuracy, high matrix tolerance
  • High measurement speed: Fast, simultaneous spectrum acquisition enabling short sample to sample time and the analysis of up to 700 samples per day
  • Low operating costs: minimal 0.5 l/min optic purge, no water chiller necessary


SPECTRO GENESIS represents a quantum leap in ICP-OES measurement techniques, setting a new standard for analytical precision and efficiency. Unlike traditional methods that analyze elements sequentially, SPECTRO GENESIS utilizes simultaneous measurement technology, akin to top-of-the-line analyzers. This revolutionary approach delivers exceptional performance across the UV range, surpassing low-end units employing sequential measurement.

One of the key advantages of SPECTRO GENESIS lies in its ability to capture the complete spectrum simultaneously, irrespective of the number of elements present in the sample. This simultaneous spectrum capture ensures comprehensive data recording and storage, allowing for retrospective analysis and recalibration, even after samples have been consumed—a critical feature for demanding applications.

The latest upgrade to SPECTRO’s unique dual side-on interface (DSOI) plasma observation technology enhances sensitivity significantly. With improved accuracy, reduced matrix effects, and higher matrix tolerance, SPECTRO GENESIS can tackle a broader range of applications, from organic and water analysis to process control, with unparalleled precision.

Speed is another hallmark of SPECTRO GENESIS, with results for more than 10 elements achievable in just 90 seconds—over twice as fast as sequential ICP-OES systems. Its ultra-fast readout not only boosts throughput, enabling analysis of up to 700 samples per day, but also expands the dynamic range, allowing for measurement of high signals on intense spectral lines without compromise.

Despite its advanced capabilities, SPECTRO GENESIS offers an exceptional price-to-performance ratio, making it the preferred choice for routine applications. Competitive pricing, coupled with low operating costs—thanks to features like an optical system that eliminates the need for an expensive chiller and ultra-low gas consumption—makes it a cost-effective investment for laboratories of all sizes.

Ease of use is paramount with SPECTRO GENESIS, featuring convenient connections, intuitive controls, and user-friendly software. Setup, operation, and maintenance are streamlined, ensuring a short learning curve and maximum productivity.

Furthermore, its compact design combines ruggedness with space-saving efficiency, making it ideal for laboratories with limited benchtop space. With SPECTRO GENESIS, enjoy uncompromising performance, ease of use, and affordability—all in one groundbreaking instrument.


  • Wastewater
  • Sewage sludge
  • Soil
  • Dust
  • Filter
  • Additives in Oil
  • Wear metals in oil

Key Features

  • A powerful alternative to conventional sequential ICP and Atomic Absorption Spectrometers
  • Free-running, 27 MHz generator for constant plasma power independent plasma load
  • Maintenance-friendly sample introduction system with lock-in-place positioning
  • Unique dual side-on interface (DSOI) plasma observation
  • Simultaneous measurement of the entire spectrum from 175 to 777
  • Powerful software featuring 1-click routine operation
  • Factory supplied, norm-conforming methods for environmental and industrial applications

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