SPECTROGREEN is available in 3 versions: revolutionary Dual Side-On Interface (DSOI), Twin Interface (TI) or Side-On-Plasma (SOP) technology.

  • New revolutionary Dual Side-On Interface (DSOI) technology that achieves twice the sensitivity of conventional radial-plasma-view instruments
  • TI technology enables the highest sensitivity for trace elements, as well as freedom from matrix interferences plus good accuracy for challenging environmental matrices


The latest SPECTROGREEN ICP-OES analyser currently comes in 3 versions for optimum skillfulness.Choose the perfect performance for your specific application:

  • SPECTROGREEN TI: this newest model offers a proved twin-interface approach, mechanically combining each axial and radial plasma views. This optimizes sensitivity, linearity, and dynamic vary, whereas avoiding matrix effects like EIE.
  • SPECTROGREEN DSOI: distinctive radial twin side-on interface provides doubly the sensitivity of typical radial views. And it equals the sensitivity of newer vertical-torch dual-view systems — whereas avoiding their complexness and headaches.
  • SPECTROGREEN SOP: furnishes a fervent radial, single side-on interface for stability and precise performance wherever the supplemental sensitivity of the DSOI isn’t required. For users performing arts most routine analyses United Nations agency want superior practicality while not complications — at a reasonable value — SPECTROGREEN simply became the prism spectroscope of selection.
  • Between its TI, DSOI, and SOP versions, SPECTROGREEN delivers ultra-reliable analyses — of everything from trace parts in difficult matrices like sure wastewaters, soils, and sludges to organic, high-salts and metal samples, to higher concentrations. opt for the proper version to fit your application. The results ar wonderful for routine elemental analyses across varied user teams, like Environmental & scientific discipline shopper product safety Pharmaceutical Chemical/petrochemical Food.
  • The new SPECTROGREEN analyser offers a competitive price/performance magnitude relation — and maybe rock bottom operative expenses in its category. It saves on consumables with the innovative UV-PLUS technology for no-purge savings averaging $3000 per year! Finally, it needs no supplemental cooling — eliminating the necessity for high-priced, breakdown-prone external chillers.
  • Wastewater
  • Sewage sludge
  • Soil
  • Dust
  • Filter
  • Additives in oil
  • Wear metals in oil
  • Environmental & agronomy
  • Consumer product safety
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical/Petrochemical
  • Foods
Key Features
  • Up to 2x gain in sensitivity
  • Solid simplicity and ease of use
  • Ensured durability and reliability
  • Fast analysis for high productivity
  • Excellent affordability
  • Compact footprint
  • Minimized maintenance
  • No typical axial-view interferences
  • No contamination of the optical interface
  • No thermal stress on components
  • One analysis for all required wavelengths
  • Fastest analysis times

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