Arc Spark OES Analyser – SPECTROLAB

SPECTROLAB – Supreme operation for the next generation of metal analysis

  • Ultimate elemental performance – covering 15 matrices, 68 methods, 65 elements and 210 lines (not counting reference lines); quick add-on of elements and methods, effortlessly measuring standard samples for calibration.
  • Ultra-low limits of detection – thanks to modernizations such as improved background correction
  • Uncomplicated operations – simplified operator view presents clear choices via dedicated toolbar buttons


The new generation of SPECTROLAB OES analyzers signifies the greatest modernization in elemental analysis to date. Stability, flexibility and analytical functionality combine to form an unrivaled high-performance set.

The hybrid PMT /CCD analyzer sets a new standard for research and development as well as process and quality control. The new Spark Analyzer Pro software offers an innovative simple user interface. The program features clear, self-explanatory icons and familiar, ergonomic operations with a low learning curve. Only authorized users can access the method development and knowledge base module to complete more complex tasks.

The new SPECTROLAB metal analyzers deliver ultrahigh speed of measuring, ultralow limits of detection, final elemental flexibility, spectacular stability, and reasonable price of possession to line new standards for elemental analysis in metals business analysis and development (R&D) and process/quality management.

The new hybrid SPECTROLAB metal analyser combines analog photomultiplier tube (PMT) detectors with digital charge-coupled device (CCD) technology for ultra-accurate synchronal measurements in R&D, trace metal measuring and precious metals analysis.

The new breakthrough all-CCD technology SPECTROLAB mass spectrometer for metal analysis provides outstanding speed, accuracy, and mobility for method management and QC of made-up and finished merchandise.

For this SPECTROLAB generation, many components — including the readout system, other electronics, and the power supplies — are located in a separate compartment on top of the instrument. Thus temperature control is made even simpler, while easy access for service is ensured. 


  • Metal manufacturing
  • Metal processing
  • Analysis of precious metals
  • Detection and Analysis of Inclusions

Key Features

  • A unique hybrid optic with analogue detectors and digital sensors
  • Records the complete spectrum from 120-780 for a perfect line selection
  • Low maintenance UV-System with low operating costs
  • High-performance readout system with a detailed and flexible evaluation of each individual discharge
  • Digital plasma generator for exact control of the plasma conditions
  • Low maintenance spark with very low argon consumption

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