Wafer Sorting System ​- WSS2200B


WSS2200B is designed with standard four load ports that can support for 6” and 8” wafer size. The ports are designed to handle  6” Semi Standard Open Cassette and 8” Semi Standard Open Cassette. During the wafer sorting process, the robotic arm moves to for wafer loading process. The movement of X, W and Z-axis are controlled by the Hirata robot controller. Loaded wafer from input load port transferred to pre-aligner for wafer orientation check and alignment wafer ID read by OCR and recorded PC/server through TCP/IP or SECS/GEM. The wafer transferred from input to output load port by using recipe control.
  • Designed for SEMI Standard of 6” & 8” Open Cassette
  • Comes with four load ports
  • Dual-arm Hirata Automatic Wafer Loader/Unloader (Robot) with built-in Wafer Mapping Sensor
  • Wafer Pre-Aligner for orientation check & wafer alignment and programmable wafer ID reader
  • Programmable wafer sorting recipe & robot controller
  • Programmable sorting method such as Wafer ID Sorting, Sequential Sorting,
  • Slot to Slot Sorting, Drag and Drop and Sub-Lot Sorting
  • TCP-IP & RS232 data interfaces/ SECS/GEM data communication (Optional)

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