Wafer Sorting System ​- WSS8000


WSS8000 is designed to transfer the wafer from the input cassette to the output cassette. The machine is designed with two standard load ports that able to fit 8” Semi-Standard Open Cassette, 12” FOUP Cassette and 12” FOSB Cassette.  The mapping sensor in the system is able to detect any wafer cross slot in the cassette. Robotic arm integrated with the end effector which is using Bernoulli or Vacuum Suction type (depending on the wafer features) to transfer the wafer to output cassette. WSS8000 is able to perform wafer transfer with five sorting methods which are wafer ID sorting, Wafer ID Sorting, Sequential Sorting, Drag & Drop Sorting, Sub-lot Wafer Sorting and Slot to Slot Sorting.
  • Capability to handle 200mm & 300mm wafers
  • Wafer transfer with five sortings.
  • Two FOUP Load Ports for 8”/12” wafer size
  • Wafer Pre-Aligner for orientation check & wafer alignment and programmable wafer ID reader
  • IOSS WID120 OCR reader
  • High Speed Messaging Protocol (HSMS-SS) Point to Point communication between Host and Equipment
  • High accuracy wafer aligner for flat and notch Wafer 
  • TCP-IP & RS232 data interfaces/ SECS/GEM data communication (Optional)

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