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Wafer Batch Transfer System

WTS300G is designed for transferring, splitting, merging or flipping the 6” wafer and 8” wafer from the input cassette in batch mode. Input cassette type is SEMI Standard Open Cassette with 26- Slots, 25-Slots and 13 Slots. It consists of four load ports which three are the input load ports and one output load port. The system equipped with a  high accuracy reflective sensor for wafer protrusion detection.
  • Designed for 150mm  and 200mm Wafer
  • Four Load Ports Available for Wafer Sorting with Vertical Placement of Open Cassette
  • Motorized Gripper Module equipped with 25-Slots Combs for Wafer Transferring, Splitting, Merging and Flipping process
  • Equipped with Reliable Cassette Mapping Sensor, Wafer Protrude Sensor and Cassette Placement Sensor.
  • Product Recipe Managed by User Friendly GUI Software
  • TCP/IP Networking For Interface With Host Map Server, and Storage Of Map Data Over The Network
  • SECS/GEM Communication Tools (Optional)
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