QES firmly believes that economic, environment, social responsibility and good corporate governance are the core of achieving a sustainable business. In achieving our business sustainability, the Group remains committed in achieving operational profitability whilst focusing on the environment, social and governance (“ESG”) criteria as essential elements in enabling the Group to achieve success now as well as into the future. Our Sustainability Statement (“SS”) was prepared in pursuant to Bursa Securities’ ACE Market Listing Requirements (“AMLR”) and Sustainability Reporting Guide issued. In preparing this Statement, the Group also considered the Sustainability Reporting Guide – 2nd Edition and its accompanying Toolkits, issued by Bursa Securities. The Group is committed towards ensuring that our business operations are carried out in a sustainable and responsible manner, taking into consideration of the ESG implications the Group is exposed to. This sustainability statement outlines our endeavours throughout FYE 2021 in areas where our expertise and resources can make a positive impact.

This Sustainability Statement describes the Group’s commitment towards improving its sustainability practices while also considering the concerns of our stakeholders. By focusing on sustainability, the Group focuses and highlights more on ESG to strengthen the local economy, safeguard natural resources and strengthen our bond with our community.


In line with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda and seventeen (17) UNSDGs, the Group adopted these goals as part of our sustainability journey, where we identified six (6) UNSDGs which have a direct impact on the Group in terms of risks and opportunities over the long-term.