We aim to continue our sustainability journey in achieving operational profitability whilst simultaneously focusing on the economic, environment and social (“EES”) criteria as essential elements in enabling the Group to achieve success now as well as into the future.


With the advancement and requirement of Industry 4.0, the semiconductor industry will be taken to new heights as it would be the main driving force for technological development and progress. The Group aspires to provide manufacturing products and solutions that is fully automated complete with big data stored in a cloud-based platform for artificial intelligence (“AI”) analytics to be performed on a real-time basis. This would include developing products such as the automated wafer stocker with an automated guided vehicle.

Amongst these products, we are also developing RFID Warehouse Management System (that provides real-time and accurate stock management), RFID Bunny Suit Management System and Production E-travelling System that streamline workflow with digitalisation processes to enable operational efficiency improvements.

We recognise that our relationships with external stakeholders is an equally important element to achieving innovation excellence. We continually seek out new opportunities by building collaborative relationships, listening to the needs of our customers, and ultimately, maintaining and strengthening our relationships with key industry players. For FYE 2020, due to restrictions on movements, we have not been able to participate in any physical exhibitions. To facilitate this opportunity for us, we have launched a series of webinars to help us reach out to our customers for technical product sharing.

Webinar: Tribology as A Basis in Condition Based Monitoring

27th Aug 2020

Microsoft Teams

Reminder: [Webinar Link]: Discover New Spectro Icp-Oes Advanced Technology for Soils & Environmental Analysis

20th Oct 2020

Microsoft Teams

Live Webinar: The Benefit of On-Site Lubricant Analysis

26th Nov 2020

Microsoft Teams


Given the increasing regulatory requirements to operate a business domestically and across borders, businesses are under immense pressure to demonstrate compliance, accountability and transparency. At the same time, the call for good corporate governance has put the spotlight on businesses to act ethically and with integrity to foster confidence among customers, financial markets and investors.

In this regard, we place close attention to all regulations that are applicable to us and make every effort to meet them, and ensure our international subsidiaries are also meeting respective local governmental regulations. Our Group is guided by the Code of Conduct, which details the standards of professional behaviour expected of all employees and directors in conducting business. The Code of Conduct also states explicitly that all forms of insider information and securities trading, bribery and corruption are prohibited. The Code also forbids employees and directors from offering and accepting gifts or any form of benefits from third parties.

We have also established a Whistle Blowing policy for employees to report any misconduct, criminal offence or malpractices. Under this policy, complaints are reported to the Management, and where it is warranted, an Investigating Officer will conduct an investigation and subsequently recommend disciplinary or remedial action. For further information, documents on our policies are published on our corporate website at

The success of our business is closely linked to the performance of our supply chain. In other words, the operational performance of our supply chain will impact customer’s perception of the business and the service they receive from it.

In selecting new suppliers, we evaluate their capabilities in terms of financial performance, production capabilities, and ability to deliver products in a timely manner and at specific quality standards. To further heighten efficiency and productivity, we only collaborate with trustable and credible suppliers from our Approved Vendor List (“AVL”). In this manner, we are able to speed up the procurement process by eliminating the supplier evaluation and selection phase.

  • As a demonstration of our commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety, we rely on comprehensive preventive measures, and the cooperation of our employees to adhere to the best practices in their day-to-day operations. We inspect emergency preparedness equipment such as the firefighting system, fire extinguisher, medical equipment and facility, emergency exit signage and light to ensure they are available, well maintained and functioning in the event of emergencies.

The inspections are carried out on a monthly and quarterly basis. In conducting these inspections, we aim to prevent, if not eliminate incidents, injuries and illnesses arising from unsafe or unhealthy work conditions and processes.

Our emphasis on employee’s health and safety well-being can be witnessed through the establishment of our in-house Health and Safety Committee which comprises the: –

  • Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) Emergency Response Training Team
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Monthly Fire System Maintenance Team
  • Health & Safety Team.

The aim of these teams is to ensure that we provide an accident-free workplace environment across our workstations to all our employees. We ensure all employees are familiar and well-versed with the plan to minimise safety incidents in the event of emergencies. As the below shows a list of Occupational Health & Safety training that was conducted for the FYE 2020.

  • ALM102 – Radiation Safety and Emergency Management Training
  • Initial ergonomics risk assessment method for OSH practitioners (Based on DOSH 2017 new guideline)
  • Contractor Safety Passport System – Low-Risk Work
  • Contractor Safety Passport System – High-Risk Work
  • Fire Drill Demonstration – Theory and Practical training
  • New Hires Orientation

The well-being of our employees matters to us. We equally emphasise on a work-life balance among our employees by providing healthcare and wellness benefits. On top of that, we organise health screenings and seminars to promote healthy lifestyle habits. Our efforts extend further to organising sports activities such as weekly badminton and monthly futsal sessions. Due to the pandemic in 2020, we have decided to stop all activities to minimize the risks of all our employees. We also provide monthly masks supply to all our staffs, COVID-19 swab tests, care kits provided to all sales and service engineers that are required to visit customer sites, individual thermometers provided to all staffs for temperature recording, daily office sanitization and most importantly a safe, working environment for all our employees during the pandemic crisis.

We see our employees as one of our major stakeholders and we understand the value of investing in them as an important step to ensure continuous growth for the Group. Our support to our employees is extended not only to their career, but also to their personal development through trainings, workshops and non-work-related activities organised by the Management.

Various training and talent development programmes were conducted throughout FYE 2020 to ingrain an on-going learning culture in our team. We place great emphasis in ensuring that our workforce is professionally fulfilled and appropriately skilled, as this will ultimately translate to the long-term success of the Group. The Management has arranged for a series of soft-skill trainings for all employees in different job scope to enable them to “think outside the box” both creatively and critically.


Environmental sustainability forms an integral part of the Group’s sustainability philosophy. We work to integrate the best sustainable practices across our operations to reduce adverse environmental impact on the ecosystem.

In our daily operations, we are committed to recycling, energy-saving practices and undertaking measures to reduce wastage, pollution and harmful emissions. We are committed to improve the efficiency of our resources and reduce our environmental impact by encouraging our employees:-

  • To recycle old documents
  • To distribute all memos via email
  • To disseminate all company information such as handbooks, SOP, forms using internal electronic network
  • To reuse delivery boxes when necessary
  • To reuse shipping, packing material when necessary
  • To switch off all electrical appliances when not in use

During the reporting period, there were no incidents of non-compliance and penalties pertaining to environmental-related issues. To maintain the highest standard of environmental compliance and to prevent future occurrence of incidence, the Management will continue to review and improve current environmental management system and practices and ensure that all our activities and operations comply with existing regulatory requirements.