Automatic Cutting And Milling Machine: HS-CF

The integrated solution for cutting and milling – compactness and efficiency for sample preparation in the steel industry

Cutting and / or milling of cylindrical and conical steel and pig iron samples for optical emission spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence, combustion analysis and other processes.


Processing of diverse
specimen shapes The shape of the cylindrical or conical specimen is extremely variable. Round and square specimens with and without tabs and specimens without a stem can be processed. In addition, the processing of other sample forms is possible by arrangement. The only requirement is that the sample has two parallel side surfaces so that it can be securely clamped in the clamping device. Regardless of their hardness, all types of cast steel can be machined with the HS-CF.

Flexible sample preparation
Depending on the type of sample and the desired analysis method, different sub-steps for sample preparation can be selected. The sample can be separated, whereby the sample can be processed with one or two separate cuts. On the one hand, a spectral sample is cut from the cast sample. On the other hand, a disc with a variable thickness of 4-6 mm can be cut. Samples for CNS analysis can later be punched from this disk (e.g. with the HUST). The milling tool is selected depending on the sample quality, the sample can be milled one or more times, the samples can be milled with infinitely variable feed, infeed and speed. if desired, the sample can be cooled after each sub-step.

Designed for manual and automatic operation
The samples can be entered either manually via the operator or automatically via a robot or conveyor belts. Both the cut slice and the milled sample are automatically output again and can be processed further accordingly. For example, the cut sample can be automatically passed on to the HUST via a conveyor belt so that the samples can be punched there for the CNS analysis.

Optimal milling
Two independently running precision milling spindles can be equipped with milling tools for different material qualities. There is no need to change tools when changing steel/pig iron. Thanks to the very stable spindle bearing, even the hardest material qualities can be processed safely and permanently.

Optimal cutting
The intelligent torque control of the servomotor ensures particularly effective material separation. The robust cutting disc drive and the use of the HERZOG high-performance cutting discs guarantee the maximum speed with maximum surface quality.

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