Automatic Probe Stations – Pegasus™ A200

  • High volume, high throughput
  • Special handling applications such as GaAs, GaN, saw frames and thin wafers


The Pegasus™ A200 is an automatic production 200 mm wafer prober, delivering advanced automation for high volume probing applications requiring special handling, such as GaN, GaAs, saw frames and thin wafers.

This probe station offers dual-end, parallel processing of wafers and optimizes wafer handling for maximum throughput. Designed for easy access when manually loading and unloading wafers, the Pegasus™ A200 has a capacity of two cassettes, each containing 25 wafers.

Featuring a highly advanced, single-stage wafer detection pre-alignment and transportation system, the Pegasus™ A200 ensures long-term accuracy and repeatability. It delivers menu-driven, push button control via proprietary LabMaster™ Pro control and monitoring software.

An extensive range of control and monitoring parameters enable users to operate Pegasus™ A200 series probers at peak performance, including real-time monitoring and test setup, yield analysis of both the wafer and batch under test, premium mapping capability, image analysis, and a host of other advanced features.

  • Automatic wafer handling, pattern recognition and probing
  • High throughput cassette to cassette automation
  • Wafer pre-alignment and detection
  • Handling capabilities for a variety of materials such as GaN, GaAs, saw frames and thin wafers
  • Configurable to high voltages in excess of 5 kV for specialized applications
  • Optional thermal chuck capability

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