Dry Compressing Vacuum Pumps – CLAWVAC

  • Ideally suited for the rough vacuum industry.
  • The pump’s design enables extreme robustness, especially for challenging applications which include handling of particle and vapor contaminated gases.


The CP i series is a dry, variable speed-driven, multi CLAWVAC vacuum pump system. Each element of the vacuum pump system is driven by an electric motor. The vacuum pumps are controlled by the Elektronikon controller which is fitted in the front door. An electrical cabinet comprises fuses, transformers, relays etc., and is located behind this front door. The vacuum pumps use VSD (Variable Speed Drive) technology in combination with cascade switching of fixed speed units. This means: automatic adjustment of the motor speeds of the VSD lead pump in combination with cascade switching of fixed speed pumps, depending on the process demand. The vacuum pumps are air-cooled and are enclosed in sound-insulated bodywork.

To ensure the durability and reliability for which Leybold is known, the CLAWVAC System is equipped with corrosion resistant materials to be compatible with even the harshest applications. The CLAWVAC series vacuum pumps come with stainless steel claws and a resistive and durable coating for the pumping chamber. This is based on years of extensive development and endurance testing. It also features a simple but effective labyrinth sealing arrangement for long life and durability.

The CLAWVAC System is a cleverly designed pump system. That counts also for its maintainability. Its design principles offer a simple, long life and durable pump with a very low maintenance need. Access to the pumps is easy via the removable service panels. Additionally, the up-time is maximized, as in the CLAWVAC System pumps can easily be removed, maintained or replaced by individually isolating, disconnecting and sliding them out from the main chassis and whilst maintaining, the CLAWVAC System can keep on running.


  • Strong internal chassis with fork lifting facilities to ease transportation and maneuvering
  • Integrated ‘Hot and cold’ enclosure design, to make the pump able to work continuously at every pressure in ambient temperatures until 40 °C
  • Easy accessibility and removability of the pumps for simple service
  • Common manifolds for the inlet and outlet, connected to the single pumps
  • Integrated exhaust silencer
  • Non-return valves prevent from a reverse rotation of the pumps and guarantee process isolation during pump standstill
  • Condensate drain facilities
  • Monitoring and control facilities

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