Elemental Analyser – Total Organic Halogen Analyzer Model TOX-500


High-Speed Analysis using the Auto Boat Controller
Measurement is performed automatically in 6 to 12 minute simply by placing a sample boat and starting measurement. Since the sample boat inlet box is provided with a cooling function (electronic cooling), the boat can be cooled in a short period of time for faster repetitive measurement.

Application – Oriented System Configuration
The user of various options according the particular sample make it possible to construct a system that precisely matches the application.

Matrix Independent, unique single program for all samples.
Secure combustion Program (SCP) enables ideal pyrolysis of substances in sample.


The Total Organic Halogen Analyzer Model TOX-300 is an advanced analytical instrument developed by Nittoseiko. It is designed to accurately and efficiently measure the total organic halogen (TOX) content in various samples, including water, soil, and industrial effluents. TOX is a critical parameter used to assess the presence of halogenated organic compounds, such as chlorinated and brominated compounds, which can have significant environmental and health implications.

Key Features:

  1. High Sensitivity and Precision: The TOX-300 offers exceptional sensitivity and precision, allowing for reliable and reproducible TOX measurements even at low concentrations.

  2. Automated Analysis: The instrument’s automated operation streamlines the analysis process, reducing manual intervention and ensuring consistent and efficient testing.

  3. Versatility in Sample Types: The TOX-300 can analyze a wide range of sample types, making it suitable for environmental, industrial, and research applications.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: The instrument’s user-friendly interface simplifies setup, data acquisition, and analysis, making it accessible to users with varying levels of expertise.

  5. Real-Time Monitoring: The TOX-300 enables real-time monitoring of TOX concentrations during the analysis, ensuring accurate and timely results.


The TOX-300 Total Organic Halogen Analyzer finds applications in various industries and research fields, including:

  1. Environmental Monitoring: It is used to assess water and soil quality, detect halogenated pollutants, and monitor environmental contamination.

  2. Wastewater Treatment: The TOX-300 is valuable for monitoring effluents from industrial processes and wastewater treatment plants, ensuring compliance with regulations and identifying potential sources of pollution.

  3. Chemical Industry: In chemical manufacturing, the TOX-300 aids in quality control, identifying impurities, and ensuring product safety.

  4. Research and Academia: The instrument is utilized in research laboratories to study the behavior of halogenated compounds in different matrices and explore their environmental impact.

Measuaring Principle

■ Chlorine Analysis Standard Set with Chlorine Titration Cell unit
Sample are burned in an Argon.Oxgen atmosphere.
The resulting chloride is lead into titration cell where it is automatically titrated by silver ions generated coulometically. The amount of chlorine is then calculated from the quantity of electricity required for the titration.

HCl + Ag→ H+ + AgCl (Titration)
Ag → Ag+ + E– (Electrolysis)

■ Sulfer Analysis Standard Set with Sulfer Titration cel unit
Samples are burned in an Argon/Oxgen atmosphere.
the resulting sulfer dioxide is lead into a titration cell where it is automatically titrated by triiodide ions generated coulometrically. The amount of sulfer is then calculated from the quantity of electricity required for the titration.

SO2 + I3 → SO3 + 2H+ + 3I (Titration)
3I → I3 + 2e (Electrolysis)

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