Upright Microscopes – Eclipse LV100N POL

  • A compact polarizing microscope that balances optical performance and ease of use.
  • The built-in capture button located near the front of the microscope base allows easy imaging with DS series cameras.
  • cutting-edge CFI60 infinity optics, it offers advanced optical performance and user-friendly operation.


The highest level of optical quality, operability and stability for polarizing microscopy.

Diascopic (Transmitted) Light Source – The new high-intensity 50W halogen light source incorporates a fly-eye lens design that outputs more light than a 100W lamp. The greater brightness is achieved by optimizing the lamp filament size and optically expanding the size of the light source within the pupil illumination fulfillment.

Lead and Arsenic Free Objective Lenses – The new CFI LU Plan Fluor EPI P objective series uses eco-glass that is manufactured to the same specifications as Nikon’s proprietary infinity optics (CFI60) system, but without harmful substances such as lead and arsenic.

30mm Focusing Stroke – The focus stroke has been improved to 30mm, facilitating observation of tall samples.

Bertrand Lens Incorporated into Design of Intermediate Tube – The Bertrand lens enables both the observation and capture of conoscopic and orthoscopic images. The Bertrand lens is also focusable and centerable.

Rotatable Slider Type Analyzer – The high-precision slider-type analyzer located in the intermediate tube is rotatable for a full 360°.

Reduced Focus Drift – Focus drift resulting from light source heat is greatly reduced by virtue of the lower power consumption and heat generated from the new diascopic light source.

High-Precision Rotating Stage – The stage is large-sized, pre-adjusted and click-stops in 45° increments, making it extremely accurate and easy to rotate. Because the stage is designed to be supported from the bottom of the microscope near the optical axis and incorporates steel cross roller guides, it is twice as stable and durable as conventional stages.

Vibration Resistant Stage – The large-sized circular stage is supported near the optical axis and incorporates steel cross roller guides making the stage twice as stable and durable as conventional models. The stage is also extremely accurate, centerable to the optical axis, and provides click-stops at 45° increments.


  • Antennae
  • Telecom & Electronics
  • Plastic Manufacturing
  • Composites
  • Fabrics/Textiles
  • Asbestos
  • Telescope optics
  • Mobile phones, shavers & watches

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