Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps – VACUBE

  • Vacuum Systems – Intelligent and Economical
  • VACUBE generates vacuum on demand.
  • All pumps are controlled and maintained by an internal controller.
  • The systems offer superior performance for a wide range of rough vacuum applications.


VACUBE is a synonym for innovation and intelligence. Oil-lubricated screw technology and a variable speed drive offer excellence in system performance, energy demand and workspace environment. VACUBE generates vacuum on-demand, it is controlled and maintained by an internal controller. The systems offer superior performance for a wide range of rough vacuum applications

This new generation of intelligent, oil-sealed screw vacuum pumps features Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology. Its complete and innovative design enables a plug-and-play installation and operation.

4 different models

i – model Ideal for standard vapor-free applications as needed in central vacuum systems for holding, lifting and moving of parts and components.

iH – model This variant is best suited for applications with high water vapor ingress. The high water vapor tolerance level makes the iH – model best suited for humid applications.

iC – model The iC – VACUBE variant is specifically designed to support the special needs in short-cycling applications, as for example common in vacuum packaging or assembly lines for electronic equipment.

iCH – model The combination of „iH“ and „iC“ offers high water vapor tolerance and short cycling ability

In a rough vacuum, VACUBE is a real game-changer offering the highest energy-saving potential. The power consumption changes proportional to the real vacuum demand, often allowing energy savings up to 50% compared to other vacuum pump technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Energy-saving mechanics
  • Most efficient oil-sealed screw technology with outstanding performance
  • IE3 motors with variable frequency drive
  • Limitation of starting power by modulating valve technology
  • Energy-saving electronics Smart pressure control
  • Operation exactly at set point – not higher, not lower
  • Load depending speed control to minimize energy demand


  • Vacuum cooling
  • Roof tile and brick manufacture
  • Pipeline drying
  • Print & Paper
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Li-ion cell manufacturing
  • Plastics (e.g. bath tubs, shower trays,white goods internals)
  • Packaging materials (e.g. thermoformed parts)
  • Glass items such as bottles and windscreens
  • Meat packaging (skin, modified atmosphere MAP)
  • Poultry packaging
  • Canning Food
  • Freeze drying

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