Semi-Automatic​ Analytical Probe Station – Pegasus™ S200FA & S300FA

  • Failure analysis
  • Design verification
  • Thermal characterization
  • Parametric testing
  • Ideal for MEMS
  • High power testing
  • RF testing
  • mmWave testing


Pegasus™ FA series semi-automatic wafer probers offer a remarkably versatile probing platform, designed specifically for failure analysis applications, device characterization, DC, low leakage, high voltage, radiofrequency, microwave, die probing, low volume wafer probing and ultra-fine geometries at die level.
For testing of high voltage semiconductor power devices, we offer a specially configured solution, the S200FA-HV wafer prober.
FA series wafer probers set the highest standard for versatility and ease of operation. With customizable hardware, accessories and software, our solutions can be tailored to any of your specific requirements. Furthermore, this flexibility means that our ​probers can be upgraded at any time to meet your future probing needs and secure a solid return on your investment.
Precision ball-screws and stepper motors deliver repeatable accuracy over a wide temperature range thanks to Wentworth’s exclusive calibration process.

With over 50 years of experience serving the semiconductor industry, we can support even the most challenging applications to be managed within standard lead times and budgets.
Hardware and software solutions can be customized to your wafer probe and tester requirements. Our wide range of wafer probe accessories ensures that your probe can be configured for a variety of applications at an affordable cost.
  • Pegasus™ S200FA supports full and partial wafers to 200 mm
  • Pegasus™ S300FA supports full and partial wafers to 300 mm
  • Temperature ranges from -60°C to +400°C
  • Compatible with a wide range of cantilever probe cards
  • Motorized and manually driven manipulators
  • Programmable and manual microscope mounts
  • Lasers for cutting and marking

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