Semi-Automatic Milling Machine: HAF/2

The solution for manual milling of nonferrous samples- Efficient, reliable and ergonomic for the high requirements of your laboratory

Milling of nonferrous samples for OES, XRF and other analytical procedures


Wide range of applications
The HERZOG HAF/2 is for preparation of nonferrous samples (e.g. aluminum, lead, zinc, tin and their alloys) for XRF and OES analysis. The HAF/2 suitable for all sample shapes ( e.g. mushroom shaped, cylindrical, rectangular, etc.) and different dimensions up to a diameter of 70 mm.

Easy operation
By manual sample insertion, the sample is clamped using a three-jaw chuck fixture. The milling depth is adjusted by high-precision spindle using a handwheel. The HAF/2 is equipped with an automatic cross feed with fine speed control. After the completion of the milling process, the cross slide is raised automatically to prevent any damage to the sample surface. The tool revolving speed may be adjusted to different materials to obtain optimum surfaces.

Compact, robust and safe design
The HAF/2 is designed for long-lasting and easy operation.

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