In Metal Analyzer Instruments, SPECTRO Offers a Full Range of Solutions for the Entire Metals Industry

Stationary Metal Analyzers » SPECTROMAXx

  • Unique iCAL 2.0 one sample standardization helps maintain the same standardization — regardless of most temperature shifts and saves on average 30 minutes per day
  • 30% to 40% improved detection limits compared to its predecessor (example: iron, aluminum and copper base)
  • Up to 64% reduced argon consumption during standby, compared to previous models
  • Ideal for routine analysis and precise analysis of all incoming/outgoing materials and for process control (including nitrogen) in foundries — covering 10 matrices, 65 methods and 59 elements

Stationary Metal Analyzers » SPECTROLAB S

  • Highly accurate results in under 20 seconds (example: low-alloy steels)
  • Regular maintenance intervention requirements (spark stand cleaning) reduced by a factor of 8
  • On average factor 2 improvement in detection limits for low-alloy steels and a factor 5 improvement for pure aluminum metals versus previous models
  • Instrument footprint reduced by 27%
  • iCAL 2.0 — one sample standardization for the complete system, saving 30 minutes a day

XRF Spectrometers » SPECTRO xSORT

  • Robust tool, analyzes most alloys in 2 seconds, and identifies alloys containing light elements in 7 seconds, standard calibration captures alloys and precious metals for 16 matrices with 46 elements
  • Instrument usually ready to measure within 10 seconds after switching on, offers simultaneous result storage in various formats at different destinations (USB drive, network, or printer)
  • Compliance testing and quick screening of non-metallic samples. Video-camera for exact sample positioning and documentation of measured spot.