Back Grinding Wheel

  • It is a diamond tool for grinding the backside of the sapphire wafer, which leads to an excellent surface finish and life span.


With carefully selected diamond grits and bonding matrix, the Silicon Wafer Back Grinding Wheel of SHINHAN DIAMOND has achieved superior quality. Variety of pores are formed through our creative process making it possible to have grinding damage minimized. SHINHAN DIAMOND is excellent for thin wafers (<100┬Ám). It achieves low surface damage. For a normal wafer, productivity increases with good grindability, tool life and price.

Z1 (rough)
Abrasive size: #320 ~ #800;
Model: VC Series, GV10, BX40 BOND
Bonding: VITRI & RESIN
Z2 (fine)
Abrasive size: #1000 ~ #6000
Model: VM Series, RP Series
Bonding: VITRI & RESIN
Z3 (Ultra-fine)
Abrasive size: #8000 ~ #30000
Model: VF Series, VP Series
Bonding: VITRI

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