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Other than providing high-quality bare copper wires as raw materials, TAYA has also begun research and development of semiconductor bonding wires since 2003. Products include bare Cu wire, PdCu wire and AuPdCu wire. Pure Cu bonding wire is applicable to the assembly of power and discrete ICs. AuPd and Pd planted bonding wire is applicable to the assembly of various IC products and LED. TAYA copper wires produce a better performance of workability, bondability and better lifetime for capillaries.
  • Wire Type: CU, PdCu and AuPdCu
  • Density (Cu): 8.93gcm3
  • Melting Point (Cu): 1083°C
  • Electrical Properties (20°C): Resistivity: 17.1×10-9ohms/m ; Conductivity: 101%IACS
  • Thermal Properties (20°C): Conductivity: 391 W/m-k
  • Shelf Life (Vacuum Packed): 6 months stored @ 23°C±3

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