Handheld XRF Analyser – SciAps Scrapper X-250


An XRF analyzer designed from the ground up to be the fastest scrap sorter in existence.

  • Sort 90% of your aluminum alloys in 2 seconds (including those with as little as 0.25% Mg),
  • The great performance you’ve come to expect on high temps, stainless, red metals, specialty alloys and turnings.
  • Lowest cost of service in the industry.



The X-250 measures Mg and Si up to 10 times faster than any other X-ray gun, with better sensitivity.  Precise Mg and Si measurements are critical for highly accurate aluminum alloy testing.  The X-250 measures Mg down to 0.25% and Si to 0.15% in 2 seconds, allowing a huge variety of aluminum alloys to now be precisely sorted by X-ray.  And you still maintain the performance advantage of X-ray on other alloying metals like Cr, Cu, Zr, Zn, Mn — the strength of X-ray.  For example Mn precision is essential to sort within the 3000 series like 3105, 3003 and other similar alloys.  The same holds for small differences Cu, Cr and Zr that often differentiates 6000 and 7000 grades.

All X-ray guns perform well on stainless, high temps and turnings.  But those X-ray guns have been both slow and inaccurate for many aluminum grades because of their imprecise analysis of Mg and Si.  The X-250 “Scrapper” delivers high performance to aluminum alloys, without compromising speed and accuracy on all the other alloys. How? We combine a state-of-the art X-ray tube technology that runs at 3X or more power than the other guns when measuring Mg, Si, Al – 3 key elements for Al alloys. We’ve optimized the analyzer design to for maximum efficiency of Mg measurements.  And we’ve revolutionized the way aluminum alloys are analyzed with X-ray via the patent-pending Aluminum App.


  • Fast, Precise Measurement of Mg and Si
  • Measure Most Al Grades in 2 Seconds
  • Pulse Processor – 14-bit ADC with digitization rate of 80 MSPS 8K channel MCA USB 2.0 for high speed data transfer to host processor Digital Filtering implemented in FPGA for high throughput pulse processing 50nS – 24uS peaking time
Specs & Applications
  • Excitation Source: For alloy testing, 6-40kV, 200uA Rh anode. For aluminum beam, 500 uA at 10 kV. For other Apps 6-50kV, 200uA Au anode.
  • Detector – 20mm 2 silicon drift detector (active area), 135eV resolution FWHM at 5.95Mn K-alpha line.
  • X-Ray Filtering – 6 position filter wheel for beam optimization.
  • Processing Electronics Host Processor: ARM Cortex -A9 dual-core / 1.2GHz Memory: 1GB DDR2 RAM, 1GB NAND Results Storage: 8GB SD

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