Handheld XRF Analyser – SciAps X-50

  • X-50 The “old school” PiN diode technology. Great basic analysis of transition and heavy metals. A great value for analyzing basic alloys including stainless, high temps, copper alloys.


The X-50 features PiN diode technology, which is the previous generation detector prior to the advent of silicon drift detectors. The PiN technology processes a factor of 10x – 20x lower X-ray rates than the silicon drift detectors, and has resolution that is about 100 eV less (greater width). However for many applications such as basic sorting of stainless, high temp and copper alloys, or analyze base or heavy metals in soils, ores, powders, etc. the PiN technology is satisfactory. 

The X-50 will NOT measure Mg, Al or Si, and in some materials can measure P and S at the 1% level. Limits of detection will be 5x higher (elevated) compared to SDD versions of the X. However the X-50 features an attractive price point for the applications that work well. The X-50 includes the same advanced X-ray tube as other X models (operating at 40 kV max.), integrated camera, video, and the Android OS platform. The X-50 is available for alloy, environmental, mining/exploration, industrial and user-customizable applications. Analyzers may be factory calibrated with fundamental parameters, Compton Normalization (EPA Method 6200), or user-defined empirical calibrations.


  • Same element suite as the X-100, but with older PiN diode detector technology. Test times will be much longer to achieve the same precision as X-100, but X-50 platform lower priced.
  • Great for sorting most SS, high temps, red metals in 3-5 seconds
  • Basic sorting of SS, high temps and red metals. Only sort Al alloys by MLC’s and 2000’s and 7000’s.


Specs & Applications
  • Excitation Source: 6-40kV, 200uA Rh anode for alloy testing, 6-50kV, 200uA Au anode for most other Apps.
  • Detector: 20mm 2 silicon drift detector (active area), 135eV resolution FWHM at 5.95Mn K-alpha line.
  • X-Ray Filtering: 6 position filter wheel for beam optimisation.
    • Processing Electronics Host Processor: ARM Cortex -A9 dual-core / 1.2GHz Memory: 1GB DDR2 RAM, 1GB NAND Results Storage: 8GB SD

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