Plasma System – QML Inline Plasma System

  • With maximum uniformity, superior gas and RF distribution, a proprietary controlling software and compliance to CE and SEMI international standards, our plasma cleaning and etching systems are ideal for all applications where process reliability and repeatability are a must.


QML Inline Plasma System

QML is a compact inline plasma cleaning system with size and performance that has no parallel in the plasma cleaner industry.

QML is suitable for handling strip form factor substrates with high throughput, up to 120 UPH*, while maintaining a small footprint.

Product Features:

QML’s product handling is included in the plasma chamber. This eliminates concerns of jammed or broken lead frames.

QML-CI Inline Plasma System

QML-CI is a compact inline plasma cleaning system designed for semiconductor and automotive products handled on boats.
QML-CI is equipped with a conveyor and an indexer that ensure optimal handling of your products with no jams or damage.

Product Features:

QML-CI’s configuration allows the option of full traceability of the processed boats.


Super Compact Inline Plasma System

QML-B is a super-compact inline plasma cleaning system that is unique in its kind. 

Product Features:

QML-B provides a high throughput plasma process of 120 boats per hour. 

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