Post Wire Bond Inspection System – PWB1000V


The technology of high resolution of the line scanning vision system is implemented in PWB1000V for visual inspection and yield management after the die process and wire-bonded process. It comes with a user-friendly software interface, image processing with, strip mapping process and able to handle up to 5 magazines at one time. Moreover, it is designed with a high scanning speed of 75mm/s.
  • Stereoscopic Line Scanning Camera System at 7300 (Dual Sensor)
  • Multiple Magazine Loader & Dual Scanning Track Mechanism
  • Capable of Store Maximum up to 5 Magazines (90mm Width Each)
  • 3D Image Reconstruction with 5700 Line per Second.
  • Fast Scanning Speed of 75mm per Seconds. Max at Line Rate 20kHz)
  • 3D Height Map & Colour Image Simultaneously.
  • High Brightness LED Illuminator with Patented Reflection Technology.
  • Cognex Based Image Processing System.
  • Parallel Processing with Multiples PCs.
  • Defect Classification based on 4 Vision Tools

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