Post Wire Bond Inspection System – PWB2000V


High speed and high-resolution vision inspection system, PWB2000V is an automated, reliable and effective solution for post attach and post wire bond inspection. The system comes from the area, scanning camera that capable to capture defects by using the 2D vision system. Integrated with a programmable dual XY stage and on-the-fly scanning method, the system can accommodate multiple magazines at one-time operation and eliminate the waiting time
  • Auto 2D Vision Inspection Tool for 3rd Optical Application
  • Multiple Magazine Loader & Dual Scanning Track Mechanism
  • Capable of Store Maximum up to 5 Magazines (90mm Width Each)
  • Capable to Handle the Maximum Dimension of Sample up to 100mm (Width) x 300mm (Length)
  • High Resolution of Camera Up to 8.9MP
  • Defect Classification based on 4 Vision Tools
  • Lighting Type by using Dome Light Ultra Bright for Stroboscope
  • On-the-Fly Vision Scanning with Stroboscopic Control
  • Programmable Recipe Control and Strip Mapping Capability 

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