Productivity Series Spectrophotometer – S-1205E


  • Unico 1205 Series Programmable Spectrophotometer
  • Digital Interface With Internal Memory And Auto System Check
  • 325-1000 Nm Wavelength Range
  • 5nm Spectral Bandwidth
  • 4 Place Sample Holder For 10 Mm Square Cuvettes
  • USB Port For Optional Software
  • Included Are 2pcs Of 10mm Square Glass Cuvettes; Dust Cover; User Manual
  • Voltage Preset At 220v


UNICO S1205 is a new, advanced design, expanding on the capabilities of its analog cousin, the S1200. The S1205 is an all-digital, fully programmable spectrophotometer with 5nm accuracy and push-button, digital keypad wavelength change. This versatile instrument features a wide sample compartment and can accept cuvets up to 50 mm path-length and a variety of accessories. The wide path length and optional accessories make this unit ideal for water testing, environmental and petroleum industry testing.

Turn your S1205 into a very cost-effective scanning spectrophotometer with the optional Windows-based software package. The S1205 is capable of storing and recalling up to 200 standard curves and 500 test data results in its integrated memory. 

  • Spectral Bandwidth – 5 nm
  • Monochromator – Single Beam, Grating System 1200 lines/mm
  • Wavelength Range – 325 – 1000nm

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