RoHS & ELV Analyser – EA1400


  • The newly developed silicon drift detector (SDD)
  • Higher resolution and higher count rate
  • RoHS: Screening of Cd in brass made faster
  • Control process in smelting: fast, accurate measurement of main elements in slag


The EA1400 is designed with better enhancement compared to its predecessor version to meet challenging requirements in across XRF analysis disciplines. Equipped with a new high-performance SDD detector with improved quantum efficiency on the high energy side, excellent count rates are achievable. The new SDD technology when coupled with an optional vacuum improves greatly for light elements measurements. Application involving heavier elements (eg: Cd, Pb, Au) can benefit up to approximately two-fold sensitivity. The enhancement also benefits higher throughput whilst simultaneously achieving a lower detection limit. Compare to oblique optics configuration, sample spot position can be pinpointed accurately thanks to the coaxial aligned observation camera along the irradiated Xray path. This configuration is especially beneficial for samples with uneven surfaces and exact impurities spot measurement. The new HS Easy2 software requires no complicated operation training thanks to the new intuitive workflow. This allows very minimal operation error and eliminates uncertainties due to operator change or hands.


  • High Sensitivity and high throughput
  • Higher resolution and higher count rate
  • Optional vacuum system and new SDD
  • Coaxial aligned camera and Xray path – Accurate spot position measurement
  • Simple software for better usability


Tube target materialAir-cooled – Rhodium target
Collimator1, 3, 5 mm Φ (automatic switching)
Primary filter4 types 5 modes (automatic switching)
Measurement conditionVacuum (Optional) / Atmospheric
DetectorNew Silicon Drift detector (Not requiring liquefied nitrogen)
Sample chamber (mm)304(W) × 304(D) × 110(H) mm
Machine dimension (mm)520(W) × 600(D) × 445(H) mm
Sample Changer12 position (Optional)
Machine weight (kg)69 kg

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