RoHS & ELV Analyser – EA1400


  • The newly developed silicon drift detector (SDD)
  • Higher resolution and higher count rate
  • RoHS: Screening of Cd in brass made faster
  • Control process in smelting: fast, accurate measurement of main elements in slag


For customers in such variety of application fields as process and quality control of cement or slags, failure analysis of abnormal spot, and inspection of foreign matter as well as RoHS inspection, the EA1400 delivers on reducing measurement time, simplifying the management of measurement results, reducing operational mistakes, and improving efficiency.

High sensitivity and high throughput measurement – New detector with increased quantum efficiency in the high energy region, making high-sensitivity, high-throughput measurement of the Cd Kα, Pd Kα, Ba Kα energy bands possible.

Higher resolution and higher count rate – Compared to previous models (EA1200VX [see graph] or EA1000VX) EA1400 excels in detecting trace elements adjacent to the main components of the sample thanks to its high-resolution, high-count rate SDD which allows for exceptional performance in tasks such as quality control of metals and others.

Vacuum System and New SDD – The sensitivity of light elements is greatly improved by using the new detector and vacuum system, which aids in the process and quality control of slag and cement.

RoHS: Screening of Cd in brass made faster – More than doubled the throughput when measuring traces of Cd in brass and other metals compared to our previous model (EA1000VX.)

Control process in smelting: fast, accurate measurement of main elements in slag – Smelting process conditions are controlled using the information from slag’s major components; Si, Ca, Al, Mg. The new SDD provides considerable improvement in accuracy with light elements, like Mg, in particular.

Quality control: detection of adhered, buried foreign matter – With an X-ray diagonal irradiation system, it has been difficult to measure samples with uneven or irregular surfaces and contaminants adhered to the base material. The EA1400, equipped with optimized X-ray irradiation and sample observation mechanism, enables detecting and identifying elements originating from contaminants.

Key Features

  • Best suited for inspections for compliance to RoHS, ELV and China RoHS , and safety inspection of toys and kitchenware.
  • capable of non-destructive and quick analysis are now widely used to inspect the content of substances restricted by environmental directives represented by RoHS, ELV and China RoHS.
  • No Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Required
  • Short Measurement Time


  • Elements –  Na(11)~U(92)
  • Environment – Normal atmosphere (Al~U) – Vacuum (Na~U) *Optional
  • X-ray irradiation direction – X-Ray Vertical Irradiation (Coaxial Sample Observation)
  • Detector – Newly developed Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
  • Analysis Area – 1,3,5 mmφ
  • Filter – 5 filters automatic switching

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