Scanning Acoustic Microscopy – MACROVUE-P

  • Vue 400-P imaging power surpasses modern standards, delivering premium FA Lab features to semiconductor facilities.


MACROVUE-P imaging power surpasses modern standards delivering premium FA Lab features to semiconductor fabrication facilities. ODIS is the latest Acoustic Microscopy software with rich technical content built on current platforms and industry feedback.
It includes both time domain and frequency domain imaging in real-time. Advanced analysis is provided through quantitative tools for measurement and classification of parts.
The Analysis version of ODIS allows non-scanning computers to virtually scan, view, and analyze data for simultaneous real-time analysis or post-collection review. Previously undetected flaws can now be imaged with poled peak analysis. Supplied with your choice of Windows 7 or 10.


  • Research & Development
  • Product Reliability
  • Product Inspection
  • Process Validation
  • Vendor Qualification
  • Quality Control
  • Failure Analysis
  • Counterfeit Detection
  • Motor: Quad Linear Servo
    Max Velocity: Up to 2000mm/s
  • Accuracy & Repeatability: +/- 0.5micron
  • Scan Envelope: Up to 1000mm
  • Low Maintenance Step Axis: Up to 600mm
  • Low Maintenance Focus Axis: Up to 150mm
  • Scan Area: Up to 1000mm x 800mm

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