Stationary Metal Analyser – SPECTROCHECK


SPECTROCHECK –for metal testing and quality control of iron-, aluminum- and copper-based samples; as well as dedicated solder bath analysis

  • Ultra-fast one sample standardization – based on SPECTRO´s Intelligent Calibration Logic (iCAL) – saves on average 30 minutes per day
  • Industry unique app-like concept for user-friendly software operation


The SPECTROCHECK stationary metal analyser is specifically designed to satisfy the performance needs — and therefore the budgets — of tiny and medium-size foundries and machining operations. This high-quality, compact, reasonable instrument is good for routine analysis of elemental content in iron-, aluminum-, and copper-based metals. firms victimisation SPECTROCHECK will assure their customers that their metals are dependably tested to satisfy the foremost rigorous specifications for content and quality.

All the instrument’s options, from its new spark stand to its standard, plug-in practicality and uncomplicated software system interface, ar thoughtfully built for optimum usability. therefore SPECTROCHECK is straightforward to control and simple to keep up — even for operators while not specialised data. for example, via piecemeal directions and a commission video guide.

There’s ne’er been a metal analyser that provides most performance at therefore very little value. SPECTROCHECK comes with associate degree surprisingly low initial price. And its low value of possession continues with options like plug-in practicality, therefore users pay just for what they have, or iCAL logic, that eliminates constant dear recalibrations. No marvel SPECTROCHECK offers the most effective price/performance magnitude relation on the market.


  • Metal manufacturing
  • Metal processing
  • Analysis of precious metals
  • Detection and Analysis of Inclusions

Key Features

  • A unique hybrid optic with analog detectors and digital sensors
  • Records the complete spectrum from 178-611 for a perfect line selection
  • Low maintenance UV-System with low operating costs
  • High-performance readout system with a detailed and flexible evaluation of each individual discharge
  • A digital plasma generator for exact control of the plasma conditions
  • Low maintenance spark with very low argon consumption

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