1st Optical Inspection System – WIS8000


WIS8000 is designed to handle 8” wafer and 12” wafer sizes. The standard design comes with two standard load ports which can accommodate the 12” SEMI Standard FOUP, 12” SEMI Standard FOSB and 8” SEMI Standard Open Cassette. It can be upgraded to three load ports. During the wafer handling, the system is using the robotic arm to transfer the wafer to/from pre-aligner or inspection chuck. Besides, WIS8000 comes with a wafer gripper with the tilting capability for front and back wafer inspection (macro inspection) and high power microscope with 5 objectives for the micro inspection.
  • Designed for 200mm and 300mm Wafer
  • Comes with 2 x Hirata FOUP Ports that can accommodate FOUP/ FOSB, need Hirata Adapter for 8” Open Cassette
  • R-Theta Wafer Handling System
  • Hirata Wafer Pre-Aligner (8 & 12” wafers)
  • Programmable Motorized Stage with Vacuum Chuck
  • Wafer Mapping System
  • Anti-Vibration Isolation Platform
  • IOSS WID120 OCR Reader
  • TCP-IP & RS232 Data Interfaces

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