Automatic Titrator GT-310


4-channels titration

Combination of up to 4 potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrators can be connected in one Multi-controller with simultaneous measurements.

Automatic pH calibration

Equipped with automatic stability judgement function. Automation from pH calibration to sample measurement is possible when using MST.

Reanalysis function

Reanalysis to change end point detection is now possible.
Inflection point ⇔ set potential ⇔ front intersection ⇔ rear intersection ⇔ V intersection

LIMS connection

Multi-controller transfers measuring data automatically to the network simultaneously.

Data Integrity

GT-310 with integrated data integrity feature, comes with strong and smart support for data protection and management without a dedicated PC. Audit trail function is provided as an option in the data integrity version of the GT-310 software.


The GT-310 Automatic Titrator is a state-of-the-art analytical instrument developed by NittoSeiko. It is designed to perform precise and automated titrations in various applications. Titrations are chemical analysis techniques used to determine the concentration of a substance in a sample by reacting it with a known reagent. The GT-310 streamlines the titration process, offering high accuracy, reproducibility, and efficiency in performing complex titrations.

Key Features:

  1. Automated Operation: The GT-310 performs titrations automatically, reducing the need for manual intervention and minimizing human errors. It can handle multiple samples simultaneously, improving throughput and productivity.

  2. High Accuracy and Precision: The instrument ensures accurate and reproducible results, making it suitable for applications that demand precise concentration measurements.

  3. Flexible Method Setup: With the GT-310, users can set up a wide range of titration methods, including acid-base, redox, complexometric, and precipitation titrations. This versatility caters to diverse analytical needs.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: The GT-310 features an intuitive user interface, making it accessible to both experienced analysts and newcomers in the field. The software streamlines data acquisition and analysis, enhancing operational efficiency.

  5. Real-Time Monitoring: Users can monitor titration progress in real-time, allowing prompt adjustments and ensuring optimal titration endpoints.


The GT-310 Automatic Titrator is highly suitable for various applications, including:

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry: It is used for quality control and testing of pharmaceutical products, including the determination of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and impurity analysis.

  2. Food and Beverage Industry: The GT-310 is employed for assessing acidity levels, determining salt content, and analyzing additives in food and beverage products.

  3. Environmental Monitoring: It plays a crucial role in determining chemical parameters in environmental samples, such as water quality analysis, acidity measurement, and alkalinity determination.

  4. Chemical Research and Analysis: In research laboratories, the GT-310 is utilized for accurate concentration analysis, purity determination, and reaction monitoring.

  5. Quality Control in Industrial Processes: The instrument is valuable for process control and quality assurance in industries like chemical manufacturing and petrochemicals.

Main Specifications

Type of titration 

Potentiometric titration (acid-base, redox, chelatometric, precipitation) polarization and conductivity titration (optional)

Detection range

pH: 0~14

-2000mV to +2000mV

End point detection

Test titration

General titration

Petroleum neutralization value-official method/conventional method, etc

Number of filesSample name: 99 cases, Blank value: 99 cases, Factor: 99 events,etc
Buret accuracy20ml ± 0.02ml
Resolution/Minimum drip rate    0.001ml
Number of stored data9999 cases
GLP-compliant functionValidation (electrode inspection, injection volume inspection, measurement inspection), history display of pH calibration, user registration function with password,
Dimensions and weight

MC: Approx. 245(W) x 160(D) x 215(H) mm

STR: Approx. 110(W) x 165(D) x 415(H) mm  5.5kg

BRT: Approx. 127(W) x 378(D) x 260(H) mm  1.2kg

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