Elemental Analyser – Automated Potentiometric Titrator GT-200


  • The versatile GT-200 supports multiple titration configurations in a compact, user-friendly unit, featuring Quick Mode for instant startup along with a range of automation and solvent extraction options.
  • User-friendly burette with dedicated keypad and readout for easy reagent changeover.
    Burette supports up to ten units.
  • A large LCD screen renders titration curves with improved clarity.


The GT-200 automatic titrator is often regarded as a major improvement in the Automatic Titrator series, including a large number of new features and a new algorithm for enhancements. In addition to this, the item comes with several key features, including a 5.7-inch colour LCD scream, operation with USB / wireless mouse and a USB memory stick. The improved software allows combination titration, while the separated buret and stirrer are other major advantages. 

The selectable optional printer comes with thermal or dot impact, of 110 or 58 mm width, respectively. The GLP support functions and the maximum number of 12burrets are also worth mentioning. The electrodes allow BNC connectors and can be attached and detached from the front side. Finally, there are numerous titration modes available.

Key Benefits

  • User-friendly burette with dedicated keypad and readout for easy reagent changeover
    Large LCD screen renders titration curves with improved clarity
  • Quick Screen presents the convenient summary of all relevant data for routine procedures to allow instant start-up
  • Supports auto sampler unit accommodating up to 24 samples
  • Optional 8-segment LED lighting sources



  • Measurement Method: Potentiometric titration (Acid-base, redox, chelate, precipitation) Option:
  • Polarization (amperometry/conductivity)
  • Detection ranges (pH): 0 to 14.00
  • Detection range (mV): -2000 to 2000
  • Conductivity: 0 – 20µA
  • Temperature: 0 – 99°C

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