Resistivity Meters – Loresta-AX MCP-T370


  • Low Resistivity Meter (Measurement Range 10-2 -106Ω)
  • Easy operation. Clear display design.
  • Comprehensible low resistivity measuring machine.
  • One-touch automatic measurement by using the “Auto Hold” function. Data output to USB memory stick. Easily replaceable battery pack.


Loresta series are JIS-compliant and have been adopted as the de facto standard in many industries. High performance and extensive range of measurement for various types of materials, powder samples and large samples. Reliable 4-pin probe methods is using for low resistivity. Both surface & volume resistivity can be measured in high resistivity range.
Key Benefits
  • Low-Resistance Materials (10-4 to 107Ω)
  • Conducting coating
  • Inks and pastes
  • Galvanizing
  • Conductive plastic rubber
  • Matallic membrane
  • ITO thin film
  • Electrode materials

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