Solderability​​ Tester – 5200TN

  • 5200T robust solderability testing platform is renowned for its superior build quality and exceptional performance.
  • 5200T has been designed to integrate with the widest range of methods for solderability testing.


The 5200 series solderability comes with 3 models that cater for a wide range of application requirements. The 5200 TN system has outstanding performance designed to handle demanding measurement requirements such as high resolution wetting data for tiny size chip. The 5200TN provides a robust platform for wide range of solderability testing methods which complies with various standards as per IEC 60068, IPC-J-STD-0020D, MIL STD 883J and etc. The 5200 series system also boards a new microbalance that has a superior response to wetting force as compare to similar class instruments. The 5200 ZC model is designed as the workhorse model capable for rough routine testing and operation environment without sacrificing data quality. The 5200ZC can be operated without a PC thus does not need an operator to have prior experience in the wetting balance method. The 5200 ZC truly designed with the idea of “plug and play” wettability system. All three 5200 series models conform to various international testing standards of its own class.

Key Benefits
  • Solderability testing solution complying with international standards.
  • Superior accuracy and repeatability for 5200 TN
  • System vibration monitor and sample position alignment monitor
  • Customized sample attachment and holder jigs available on request
  • Quick heat method for SMD samples.
  • Temperature profile method

Load range*

1mN to 50mN

Solder temperature*

400 to 450 oC

Temperature accuracy*

±2 to 3 oC at 245 oC

Immersion/dwell time

1 -999 sec

Immersion depth*

0.005 to 20mm

Specimen max weight*


Z stage resolution*


* 5200 series model dependant (talk to us for more detail)

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