Mobile Arc Spark Spectrometer – SPECTROTEST


The mobile arc/spark metal analyzer, SPECTROTEST for your precise metal analysis without any compromise!

  • No compromise: a high-resolution optical system for probably widest element range (even N, Li, Na), all elements necessary for a complete metal analysis on the spot are available
  • Unique new iCAL 2.0 one sample standardization helps maintain the same standardization – regardless of most temperature shifts and saves on average 30 minutes per day
  • Flexible point-and-shoot analysis with various quick to change sample probes, battery-powered operation – up to 800 measurements on a single charge


The rugged streetcar could be a stable platform for SPECTROTEST and permits straightforward movement on uneven piece of land. SPECTROTEST comes with a four m (13 foot.), or elective eight m (26 foot.), fast amendment sample probe – for a wider space of operation, while not the requirement to maneuver the spectroscope. The light, skinny probe is quickly born-again between arc excitation and spark excitation (under a protecting noble gas atmosphere). a hunt with associate degree integrated actinic radiation optic is accessible sure as shooting applications; it may be utilised with arc excitation.

The SPECTROTEST is even ready to establish low steel with the carbon content throughout the fast arc excitation mode. In spark mode, the analysis of carbon, chemical element and sulfur belong to the potential applications additionally to the identification of duplex steels victimisation the atomic number 7 content.

The well-tried iCAL (Intelligent activity Logic) logic system monitors the proper state of the measuring device severally from external influences. And currently iCAL two.0 helps maintain an equivalent standardization — notwithstanding most temperature shifts!

  • Metal manufacturing
  • Metal processing
  • Metal recycling
Key Features
  • Unequaled emission spectrometer-accuracy for many different metal alloys using unique high-tech components for excitation and detection
  • Shortest analytical times: 3 s in mode and from 5 in the analytical mode
  • Carbon measurement in low alloy steel with arc in
  • Determination of nitrogen in duplex steels
  • Simple, convenient, and safe operation
  • High mobility, immediately ready for measurements – anywhere
  • Flexible use through comprehensive element selection – extendable at any time

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