Wafer Batch ID Reader System – WID150R


WID150R is mainly designed for 6” wafer size. This system suitable for 6” SEMI Standard 25 Slots Open Cassette and it comes with built-in programmable wafer orientation flat alignment in order to ensure the wafer in the right orientation before scanning the ID. The tools Moreover, WID150R equipped with Multi-Touch Panel PC & GUI Customization. The user-friendly system and easy-to-operate system assist the user to operate them easily.
  • Designed for 6” Wafer
  • 1x Open Cassettes Station (Based on sample cassette provided)
  • Cassette Orientation Sensors (Detect reverse placement of cassette) and Cassette “Present” and “Tilt Sensors.
  • In-cassette wafer slot mapping function
  • Wafer orientation flat alignment mechanism integrated.
  • Programmable wafer rotation for various wafer ID locations.
  • Batch wafer ID reading (Front & Back with the wafer ID on orientation flat area)
  • Recipe controlled mapping, alignment & wafer ID reading.
  • TCP-IP & RS232 data interfaces/ SECS/GEM data communication (Optional)

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