Wafer Roughness Measuring System – MPS2100


The MP2100 is Chapman Instruments’ latest high-resolution pro­ler. Specially designed for surface measurements and analysis, it can be used as both a production tool for inline quality inspection, as well as a research and development tool for establishing standards and researching tolerances. The MP2100 utilizes the same non-contact measurement technology as other Chapman pro­lers. Users can make either high-resolution linear or circular scans quickly. The powerful, yet user-friendly, Windows® based operational software can be programmed to execute a series of routines and report the data o‑-line for further analysis. Password security and event viewer/error logging are standard with Chapman software. Robotic handling for 150 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm wafers is available as an option.

  • Fast, complete circular scans (360° around wafer surface)
  • Nomarski Viewing System for high definition visual inspection
  • Scan lengths ranging from µm to complete circumferences (200 or 300 mm wafer)
  • Roughness and waviness data from a single scan
  • Non-contact 3D scans
  • Automated sample positioning (X, Y, theta)
  • Customized measurement sequences with multiple scans implemented with a single keystroke
  • Automated focus acquisition
  • Closed-loop auto-focus system allows focus to be maintained while scanning over samples with varying topography
  • Optional robotic handling

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