Wafer Thickness & Roughness Measuring System – MPT1000


The MPT1000 is Chapman Instruments’ latest non-contact system, providing wafer thickness measurements. It can be used as a production tool for in-line quality inspection, a research and development tool for establishing standards, and compiling data for enhancing productivity. The MPT1000 utilizes a sophisticated non-contact measurement technology with a focused laser spot on the wafer surfaces. Users can measure structured taped wafers after backgrind or dicing. The powerful, user-friendly, Windows® based operational software can be programmed to provide automated wafer thickness maps, execute a series of measurements, or report the data offline for further analysis.

Key Features

  • Non-contact, providing non-destructive thickness measurements
  • 0.1 μm thickness resolution, providing thickness uniformity and Q/C control
  • 1 μm laser spot size on both top and bottom wafer surfaces, providing the ability to distinguish between small features, eg wafers
  • Optical Measurement System, providing accurate wafer thickness measurements independent of material properties, especially useful for patterned wafers, GaAs and other wafer types, and dicing
  • Wafer Bow and Warp measurements.
  • Thickness resolution (0.1um) providing uniform TTV for production control of wafers.
  • Measurements after back grind or dicing provide flexibility for thickness uniformity control.
  • Small focused laser spot (1 um) provides the resolution required for measuring bumped wafers and via features.

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