Electronics X-ray Inspection – XT V 130C

  • Proprietary 20-130 kV micro-focus source with 2 µm feature recognition
  • Measurement area of 406×406 mm
  • True 72° manipulator tilting angle allows oblique viewing for easy inspection of internal features
  • A hinged door providing easy access to the inspection area
  • Serviceable components are easily accessible


The XT V 130C is a highly flexible and cost-effective electronics and semiconductor inspection system. The system features a 130 kV/10 watt Nikon Metrology manufactured source, a globally recognized open tube design with an integrated generator, and a high-resolution imaging chain. 

Through a series of factory and field upgrades, the end-user can configure these systems to its own needs with a higher power source, a rotating sample tray, automatic inspection software, a digital flat panel option, and the ability to add future-proof CT technology.

Superior Inspection System – The patented Nikon Xi Nanotech X-ray source is of open-tube design, allowing an unlimited lifecycle and avoiding expensive replacements associated with sealed tubes. The X-ray source has a unique, integrated generator design, avoiding high-voltage cable maintenance and offering unlimited power and low cost of ownership. User-replaceable filament assemblies simply click into place and intuitive software performs automated filament alignment calibration for easy system up-keep and consistent image quality, year after year.

The XT V systems feature 160 kV maximum energy, 20W true-target power, over 2000x geometric magnification, and sub-micron defect recognition. The XT V inspection systems house sample sizes up to 711mmx762mm (28×30″) and a maximum sample weight of 5kg, with detector options allowing large detection areas (25cmx20cm) and efficient imaging up to 56fps.

Maximum productivity in minimum inspection time – True concentric imaging is a unique feature that comes as standard with the XT V series, allowing any region of interest (ROI) to remain in view with any combination of rotation, tilt and magnification, thanks to intelligent software and hardware.

Extreme oblique angle views up to 90° through the sample are easily achieved at any 360° sample rotation, making the inspection of complex and multi-layer assemblies a simple task for any user. The intelligent, 5-axis, programmable stage has a strong carbon fibre tray with collision-free sample manipulation, even at maximum magnification. The intuitive X-ray source and detector motion are controlled through joystick navigation for seamless real-time X-ray imaging.

Advanced intuitive software – Industry-leading Inspect-X software is supplied as standard with the XT V series. Nikon’s C.Clear imaging engine intelligently adapts to changing X-ray conditions and sample positions, automatically adjusting image controls, contrast and brightness to provide the clearest, sharpest images. Quick-access toolbars are available for next-generation defect analysis, with dedicated tools for sample measurement and analysis modules for PCB assemblies.

Inspect-X allows inspection in automation mode to maximize productivity; with automated reporting in a format that can be opened on any PC, an intuitive graphical interface to configure the inspection, pass/fail optimization and optional visual checks during automated inspection routines. 3D inspection is performed with CT and X.Tract laminography to allow digital slicing in any orientation for a full understanding of 3D component geometry.


  • Electronic and electrical components – Broken wedge bonds, lifted ball bonds, wire sweep, die-attach, dry joints, bridging/shorts, voiding, BGA, etc.
  • Populated and unpopulated PCBs – View surface mount defects i.e. misaligned devices, solder joint porosity and bridging – Detailed inspection of vias, through-hole plating and multi-layer alignment – Wafer-level chip-scale packages (WLCSP) – BGA and CSP inspection – Non-lead solder inspection
  • Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS, MOEMS)
  • Cables, harnesses, plastics and many more


  • On-line operation with intuitive joystick navigation
  • Low-cost maintenance with open-tube technology
  • Safe system requiring no special precautions or batches
  • Small footprint and low weight for easy installation
  • CT option possible

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