Automated Barcode Printing and Labelling System – WID8000


WID8000 is designed to handle either 6” and 8” wafer sizes or 8” and 12” wafer sizes. This system comes with an auto-conversion system that enables it to handle two sizes of wafers. WID8000 has two main functions an OCR reader and a barcode printer. The wafer ID read by the OCR reader, the system will then convert the wafer ID to the barcode format, print it on the sticker label, and place it on the wafer tape. The main purpose of the WID8000 system design is to replace labour force and reduce human error that may occur during the process of placing the sticker label (Wafer ID) on the frame wafers.

  • Designed to handle 6” and 8” Wafer Size/ 8” and 12” Wafer Size (Auto-Conversion)
  • 6” SEMI Standard Open Cassette Type/ 8″ SEMI Standard Open Cassette Type and12″ SEMI Standard Open Cassette Type
  • Fully Automatic Barcode Printing and Labelling System
  • Eliminating the needs of Labor Forces
  • Reducing the Faulty caused by the User
  • High Throughput and Improve the Efficiency
  • Reliable Handling Machine

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